How to Find a PROFITABLE NICHE for Social Media in 2020 (Instagram and Youtube!)
How to Find a PROFITABLE NICHE for Social Media in 2020 (Instagram and Youtube!)

What is up everybody. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I really want to tackle a question that I get commonly asked and that is Vanessa, I know having a niche for my social media accounts are really important, but I don’t exactly know how to narrow down to the winning idea, the winning niche.

That’s really going to get me results. Well, you’re in luck because in today’s video I’m really going to break down and give you some actionable steps that you can take, not only to find a niche that you like, but also a niche that will really gain traction for your account, whether it’s on Instagram or on Youtube.

That’s why if you’re interested in learning more about this, then keep on watching. All right, so before I even begin to give you the actual steps, let’s just take it a step back and talk about why exactly having a niche is so important, especially if you’re just starting out as a content creator or even a business owner.

Now, the first reason why I think it’s really important to niche down is because you want to be known for something. Imagine if on my account I was posting videos about makeup, fashion, fitness, business, and social media.

For you as the viewer, it’s going to be very confusing for you on whether or not you want to stay, but not only this, it’s also gonna be very challenging for you to recommend my channel or my account to other people.

Imagine if I was actually posting random topics every single day. For example, ranging from me working out to me, talking about relationships. To me, talking about food. To me, talking about business, it’s going to be very hard for you when your friends go up to you and ask, hey, why should I follow Vanessa? You’re not gonna know what to say, so make it easier on your audience to actually be able to, for them to pinpoint what you do so that they can recommend you and refer you.

And as such, you’re going to be able to build a tribe and an audience a lot faster. The second reason why it’s important to niche down, especially when you are a beginner, is because when you are very focused on a specific subject, it’s going to be able to accelerate your authority in that particular topic.

Meaning when you actually go in depth on a particular subject, it’s going to be able to accelerate the fact that people identified you as the ultimate Goto, which will then lead to a higher conversion rate in terms of people becoming subscribers or followers to your account.

Because at the end of the day, people follow accounts for a specific reason. You follow a motivational account for specific reason. You follow a fitness account for specific reason. That’s why it’s very important when you’re beginning, especially to niche down.

Now, just so that I can drill it down even more, why having a niche is a strategic move is that having a niche is a lot more profitable. If you don’t believe me. Let me give you a real life example. Who Do you think gets paid more? A general practitioner and health that knows a little bit of everything or a specialized neurosurgeon? Probably the specialized neurosurgeon and the reason for this is, like I said earlier, when you really doubled down on a particular subject and you become a specialist in it, you then become an expert.

And by being an expert, you can demand higher prices when you start charging for your services. So these are some ways that you can actually have a leg up as a beginner and accelerate your growth. Now, can you be a generalist? Absolutely.

Eventually as you grow and you have the audience, you can absolutely start branching out and doing different topics. Even in my channel, I experiment with different topics all the time, but that’s because I’ve secured the audience.

So for you, if you are watching this video and you are just starting out, I highly recommend starting with a narrow focus first and then start to expand as you grow. Now at this point in the video, you might be thinking to yourself, okay, Vanessa, we get it.

Having a niche is important, so what do I do next? How do I actually narrow down to that winning idea? Well, my first advice to you, especially if you are someone who is dabbling and you don’t really know which niche to narrow down to because you have so many different ideas is doing a content brainstorm.

So what you’re going to do is your going to write down all the niche ideas that you have. Maybe it’s fashion versus fitness versus business versus food. Okay? You write down all these category ideas and then underneath each one I want you to do a brain dump of all the content ideas that you can think of per category.

Now what you’ll notice while you do this exercise is that a couple of niches are going to come a lot more effortlessly for you, meaning that it’s going to be a lot more easier for you to write down the content ideas for a couple of niches versus others.

Now what that’s going to signal to you is that those niches that seem a little bit more effortless to create content for our basically within your zone of genius, meaning that it’s going to be a lot easier for you to maintain that niche for a long period of time.

And the reason why this is important is because you really want to choose a niche that’s not just something you’re interested in, but something that you can be consistent in as well. To illustrate this further, let me give you a personal example.

I used to be in the makeup niche and I have a video right here where I talk all about it and what I found is even though I had an interest in makeup and I loved makeup as a content creator, I really had zero creativity around it.

I only had three basic makeup looks that I could really do and therefore I burnt out really quick with ideas. That’s why I couldn’t be consistent and therefore I wasn’t successful. Whereas the niche that I have now, which is very business oriented, I can come up with so many ideas naturally in one sitting because I’ve truly found something that is within my zone of genius and that is why I’m able to pump out two videos a week on youtube and show up consistently on Instagram as well.

Now, if you’re someone who is struggling with this exercise and you want a little bit of a boost in terms of coming up with content ideas, regardless of whatever niche you’ve chosen, make sure you check out this video right here where I share with you specific research tools that you can use so that you can really maximize this activity and come up with as many content pieces as you can per niche.

Once you finish that activity and you’ve identified at least one niche where you truly feel is within your zone of genius and you are confident that you could be consistent on the next step that I want you to do is niche down even more specifically, I want you to niche down at minimum three levels deep.

So let’s say you finish this exercise and you’ve settled that fitness is the niche that you want to pursue. Well, I’m here to tell you that fitness alone is not niche enough. So what you’re gonna do is you’re going to go back to the drawing board and say, okay, fitness fitness for who? Fitness for moms.

Okay, well what type of bombs? Fitness for work in mom’s. Okay, great. So fitness for working moms who are looking for what problem are you solving? Food. Maybe you tell yourself fitness for working moms who just had a baby.

Now isn’t that a lot more specific on what you offer? Instead of just saying fitness, you now can say, I teach fitness for working moms who just had a baby. That alone is a lot more specific but also a lot more clear on what exactly you offer to your audience.

So if you are someone who struggles with being a little bit more specific on what exactly you offer, definitely consider doing the level down method so that you can really be laser focused on your niche.

Now the next step that you want to do is you want to validate the demand for your niche. Surprisingly, this step right here is not something a lot of people do and that’s the biggest pitfall. If you are creating content that people aren’t really searching for, that you’re not going to be found and you’re going to waste a lot of time creating content that’s not gaining any traction.

So I’m going to share my screen and share with you a couple of methods that I use and that you can use in order to validate your niche. So I’m going to share you to keep research tools that I love to use in order to validate my ideas regardless if it’s my niche or my content.

So the first one that I’ve used is called too buddy. I use this app a lot, especially for optimization on Youtube. Now what I’m going to do is download to buddy, and this is a chrome extension. And now what’s going to happen is when you search for something on Youtube alone to buddy will actually populate the competition, the search volume, different related searches, all that stuff, which is awesome.

So let’s say if I were you and I was trying to validate my niche, I would really focus my efforts on looking at how many searches per month and the search volume in order to validate whether or not this is a topic that a lot of people are searching for.

Now, as I can see, there’s 57,000 searches per month. So for me, I think that this is really good data to work with. Not only this beyond just using two buddy, you can also look at Youtube alone and look at all the videos that currently exist.

What I notice is that a lot of the Youtube Ers, they actually get more views than they do have subscribers. So this is showing to me that a lot of people are searching for this beyond just that youtube or subscriber base.

And a really great example is this person right here, she has almost 1 million views about how to cover up her acne and she only has 14,000 subscribers. So in comparison you can tell that there’s a lot of search volume for this topic.

Now if you want it to take it a step further and you want to understand, okay, are a lot of people searching this on Google, not just youtube and other great tools that I like to use is keywords everywhere.

Keywords everywhere is a free research tool and it’s also a Google plugin that you can download. Now what’s going to happen is when you go on Google and let’s say I’m searching makeup for acne because let’s say I’m in your shoes and I’m trying to niche down and instead of doing makeup, I really want to focus on helping women with acne.

Now I can see the search volume at 2,900 a month. This is really good and at least it shows to me that people are searching for this. Now, only this if I’m running out of content ideas or you really want to brainstorm, you know how you could take this, how you could stretch it out, not just on youtube or on Instagram or whatever social media platform you’re on.

Two buddy will also tell you what people are also searching for. So, for example, best loose powder for acne skin can foundation cause acne, oil free foundation, drugstore acne because I makeup primer for oily acne prone skin.

There’s so many different ideas that you can work off of. Now if you want to learn more about the tools that I use outside of these two to get content ideas, make sure you check out this video right here where I talk about it more in depth and I give you even more tools that you can work with.

So far in this video, I’ve given you some simple and easy actionable steps that you can take in order to not just identify your niche but also niche down and validate as well. Now if you would like to take it a step further and monetize this nation, then make sure you hit the notification bell because in my next video I’m going to talk about how you can find clients on Instagram.

So if you’re interested in using Instagram as a tool in order to attract leads into your business, then make sure you hit that notification bell so you don’t miss it. In the meantime, while you wait for that video, make sure you also check out these two videos right here.

I talk a lot about social media, business, and life in general, so make sure you check out these videos as well. As always, guys, I hope you guys have a great day, a great week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one.

Bye guys.

How to Write Content for an Affiliate Site (Amazon Affiliate Authority Sites)
How to Write Content for an Affiliate Site (Amazon Affiliate Authority Sites)

how do you write content for an affiliate blog that’s what we’re gonna talk about today I’m Doug Cunnington and I specialize in Amazon affiliate marketing and I’m also a project manager so I sprinkle in some project management ideas along the way too if you’re new to the channel please take a look around consider subscribing if you like what you see today let’s get into this content stuff now let me tell you about the first piece of content I wrote back in 2013 I started my first niche site now this was after I found the smart passive income blog and podcast by Pat Flynn it was the podcast I love podcast I don’t listen as much now but I got started with a smart passive income podcast I just loved it I got obsessed I listened to every single episode that I could I took maybe like a week or two and I listened to like 50 plus episodes probably more than that but it was a lot I really like the concept of niche sites so I decided hey I’m gonna go to Bluehost get a hosting package I’m gonna learn about WordPress I’m gonna launch my blog and I’m gonna put content on I’m gonna put useful content on the blog and then the trouble started how do you write content for a blog or a niche site and I was at the time trying to create like an Adsense site would show like Adsense banners on the site and I just didn’t know what to write about so I had a couple keywords that I knew I wanted to you know put into blog post but I was just like how am I gonna do this I don’t know the topic I don’t understand the niche I literally know nothing about it the idea is I’m going to tell you about will be useful if you’re brand new to niche sites but also if you’re experienced so if you’re experienced be sure to stick around like it could be very useful for you and the thing is like when you start working with say like a new VA or maybe you’re just trying to explain to your friends and family and just other people that don’t understand anything about these niche sites these kind of answers can help you explain it in a simple way first of all the key thing you have to understand is you don’t want to copy anything verbatim I get a lot of questions can a copy information from other websites can a copy information from Amazon anything that you’re trying to copy verbatim is probably not a good idea now where are there exceptions let’s say for example you take a small quote couple lines or something from some one site and you quote them specifically you give them credit and you link back that’s probably going to be okay particularly if it’s a small sort of percentage of the overall piece of content but in general copying things is a bad idea another common question I get is around using sort of like a content spinner where it gathers different like sources from the internet all over the web like Wikipedia or CNN or other niche sites and then it sort of mashes them together and uses it like a thesaurus to substitute words so you end up with something original but usually it doesn’t make sense it’s very poorly written because it’s done by software so no copying and no spinning so that’s fairly straightforward I hope a lot of people weren’t thinking that anyway but depending on where you were looking and maybe referenced in fact when I first started Pat Flynn on smart passive income you know referenced using article spinners and stuff like that and it was common practice back in the day you know Pat Flynn used to do gray hat sort of activities I’ve moved over to white hat stuff myself but the point is anywhere where you’re trying to take a shortcut where you’re trying to do something easier or cheaper or you’re trying to do it faster it usually isn’t a good idea not always but usually it’s not a good idea to try and take a shortcut if the shortcut worked then everyone would take the shortcut and it would just be the normal route so just keep that in mind that applies for content for niche sites it applies for like most things in life as well so shortcuts usually don’t work okay let me take you back to what it was like writing that first piece of context I happen to be house-sitting my wife and I were house-sitting for some of our friends I remember sitting down in the office it was a really nice workspace and I had laptop on the desk and I was staring at a blank wordpress post and i was like how am i going to write this so I started you know doing what I assumed was the right thing to do so I tried to look up other resources out there and see what they wrote about the topic unfortunately I did such poor keyword research that there weren’t even that many sources and it was sort of an obscure topic so I couldn’t find much in the file it took me so long to write the problem is I didn’t write much in general sure I wrote emails at work and some documents at work because it’s fairly technical business writing so I never had to like sort of put ideas together from different sources and really that’s what we’re doing when it comes down to it we’re gonna do research in different areas and we’re gonna try and present information in our own words now I’m gonna tell you a couple ways to do it with very specific methods so you won’t have to like recreate the wheel or anything I’ll tell you what to do so as I’m sitting there trying to write I was frustrated number one it was a little nervous and scared for number two and three I was taking forever because I kind of have this perfectionist attitude which I am trying to keep it BAE it’s useful in some areas but when you’re writing content for your niche site or your affiliate site being a perfectionist will really slow you down and here’s what would happen I would look up these sources and then read the information and then I’m like okay I kind of understand what’s going on let me write some things out I felt like I was almost copying it even though I was putting it into my own words so I felt a little bad about the content but I knew that I was actually putting it into my own words so that was ok so I would write say two sentences and then it would go back to the beginning and I’m like is that does that make sense and then I would write the third sentence and then go back to the second sentence and do the same process again for a 500 word post it probably took me four hours two days in a row so it took me like eight hours total I was writing so slow so frustrating but at the end of the day I got it done and I published it it ended up getting like a lot of traffic over time through decent backlinking and stuff like that even though wasn’t highly searched for it ended up getting some traffic so fast-forward like three years where I essentially did the same process it’s called the RPM it’s the research paper method and it goes back to when we used to do research papers in middle school in high school and college and so on where maybe you went to the library or you look stuff up online you gathered a bunch of resources you read that information and then put it together into your own idea potentially like repackaging some other ideas too and then hopefully inserting your own ideas into it now you don’t always have to place your new ideas and arrive at like the new conclusion or anything there’s value in pulling information together for example look at Wikipedia that’s a great example where the sources are listed at the bottom there’s references at the bottom that you can go check basically get an idea of how they arrived at the Wikipedia article so that’s a great sort of specific example of rpm now if you’re interested in seeing like a real rpm process happen I have a couple videos so one is describing the RPM in detail so I’ll put a link for that in the description additionally I have a workshop where I like did the RPM method so I’ll put that into the description as well so that’s number one you can use the RPM method and literally place things into your own words by referencing different sources another great way to get like ideas to write content FAQ method frequently asked questions again I have a demo of this in any greater description I’ll put a link in the description below but basically this is great if you don’t know anything about the topic now I wish I would have done this for the piece of content I was telling you about essentially you asked questions so as you’re you’re brainstorming you just write out questions that you have go back you look up the answers to the questions that’s your content turns out it’s a very natural way to write the content and people enjoy reading that because it walks them through common questions they may personally have anyway so it’s a great way to do it again check out the links below if you aren’t familiar with the method or if you want to see a demo of me doing that live so this third way is super useful for product reviews a lot of us will be writing product reviews at some point on our affiliate sites that’s the primary way to sort of get people engaged get them ready to buy something but one of the best things you can do is go read reviews all over the internet so I think it’s obvious to probably go over to Amazon and check out the reviews there if it’s a popular product you may find hundreds of reviews thousands and tens of thousands of words of content now you can’t copy it exactly but you can get a really good idea of you know what’s good about a product what’s bad about a product and just what users think of it what real owners think of it and you could pay very close attention to the vocabulary that people use you can use the right terminology and you could kind of get in the mind of an owner which is very powerful when you’re trying to write a review especially a well-informed review further right there are other areas that you can do this research so forums you may be able to check out a forum and see again common questions there may be product reviews stuff like that if there’s not forums active you can go to maybe like a Facebook group or wherever the people that hangout congregate online so it may be Gora and maybe Facebook groups it could be Pinterest maybe it’s Instagram but you can get an idea about different products if you just find where those people are hanging out and believe me they’re out there somewhere you just have to find them and lastly the biggest tip I have is really go out and find the sources of information the original sources of information so I mentioned a few already it could be you know the Amazon details page it could be the reviews on Amazon maybe it’s forums maybe it’s a Facebook group maybe it’s the manufacturer site maybe it’s the manufacturer of the product you could take a look at the information on their website you can look at the manufacturers user’s manuals the user’s manuals really highly valuable there’s so much detail about specific products and usually there’s like a troubleshooting section frequently asked questions section there’s like safety warnings and health warnings and stuff like that all that information is something that you can go out there and consume now the magic thing that you do is you get all these resources together and you sort of curate them and put them together and hopefully you’ll be putting together stuff that was never sort of curated before so if you can curate it you can place in your own words you end up creating a like superior piece of content and that’s fantastic now don’t be afraid to link out to the other sites that you used as references in fact if it’s not like common knowledge right so if it’s not something that everyone knows it’s probably your job to link to the sources so people can go read that original information themselves like further advanced tip is if you go find a good resource online if they put references in there you should go follow those original references and then keep digging right keep trying to find the original source of the information because then it’s not interpreted you really can put together a better piece of information now I hope you realize we went from the very beginning of not knowing how to write content to researching it pulling resources together and now I’m telling you go deep like find the original source of the information if you can you may end up going to Wikipedia finding references that they list and then following those references and then following the references of the references and again you may end up on like an academic paper where you actually can provide new insights based on all the research you’ve done so when you put that all together you end up creating something that’s useful something that should be interesting and all of a sudden you didn’t know how to write this piece of content and now you’re able to create something that’s really valuable for that specific topic question of the day how do you write context now I know everyone doesn’t write their own content maybe you have a writer working for you so let me know number one do you write your own content saying whether you write your own content or if you hire a writer and then in either case let me know how you have that content written so if you hire someone like what info do you give them you give them anything to give them references and if you write it yourself how do you get started do you outline it you just write from scratch let me know and be sure to check out the comments below some of the best ideas are from you I want to learn something too I read all the comments so I definitely want to hear what you think hey if you’re still watching you must like the channel so go ahead and subscribe like the video I’d really appreciate it thanks

Start a $200 A DAY BLOG in this SIMPLE NICHE (2020)
Start a $200 A DAY BLOG in this SIMPLE NICHE (2020)

in this video I’m going to show you how you can start at $200 a day blog in a very simple niche I’m gonna show you how this niche can help you generate results similar to what you can see here on the screen seventeen thousand dollars in a single month on a simple website and I’m also going to reveal to you keywords similar to what you can see here on the screen with keyword difficulty of between 1 and 4 so super newbie keywords that have a lot of search volume and are very they’re easy to rank for recently somebody actually offered to buy my travel website travel crop calm I’ve had this website now for a couple of years and I actually have been neglecting this website I really like the domain name and I just don’t have the time to actually properly grow it still even though I’ve pretty much neglected this website I haven’t posted any new content on it if we look at the organic search you can see that it’s been growing since 2017 when I started this website till now it’s been growing in a straight line and I actually am managing to rank for a lot of the keywords that you can see here Bora Bora sharks and center a lot of keywords I’m managing to rank in position one for them and I am actually getting a decent amount of traffic so you can see Travel croc I’m getting currently anywhere from 100 to 200 visitors every single day even though I have been absolutely neglecting this website I’ve done zero on it in the last two years so I know there is potential without any backlinks just by putting up content I’m managing to get 200 visitors every single day to this site and that’s how I got the idea for this video because some of you guys might be wanting to start a blog or a website in this niche and I want to show you how easy it is to actually rank in these in this niche first of all let’s try to figure out whether it’s actually possible to make money in this niche so last week when I was making a video I came across this website two wandering souls calm and I came across their income report from June 2019 so these guys actually post content that is quite similar to the content they are post on Travel croc they just posted a lot more content and they’ve obviously been spending the time to build up their blog but let’s look at their numbers so they made seventeen thousand eight hundred and $11 in June 2019 and if we look at the breakdown of the earnings you can see that they made $12,000 roughly from affiliate marketing and 5,000 786 from advertising on media vine so I feel that marketing you know earnings are great but just if we look at advertising let’s try to figure out whether there is actually profits to be made just from traffic and just from ads in this niche so five thousand seven hundred and eighty six if we divide that by the amount of traffic that they have received which was two hundred and twenty eight thousand two hundred ninety five sessions we can see that they’re making two and a half cents roughly per visitor that they get onto their website so if you multiply that by 1,000 we get rpm or revenue per thousand visitors of twenty five dollars which is pretty awesome it’s as good as a lot of other niches such as home improvement etc and certainly my stats on my own travel croc website are reflecting similar numbers as well I’m using Adsense so my earnings per 1000 visitors are actually lower because these guys use media vine as they said however I know roughly that you know I’m making in the same league like my earnings are not ten times worse or anything like that so we now know that this niche is actually an absolutely profitable niche you can obviously then also promote various affiliate programs in there as well such as booking.

com a god or etc etc so now let’s talk about how do you actually get traffic in this niche now we know that the niche is profitable and you know it’s absolutely worth getting into but what kind of traffic can you generate and how so one of the very common search queries that people interested in traveling type into Google are things to do in and then you can see because I’m in Sydney it’s Google are suggesting to me Sydney immediately but of course you know if they are for example they might type in something like things to do in bali things to do in adelaide or things to do in melbourne things to do in melbourne with kids things to do in melbourne at night etc so this is a very common part of the search query things to do so with that in mind let’s jump over to h Refs and let’s stop in things to do and let’s search United States just out of interest because the United States is the hardest country for all kind of things you know to rank because that’s sort of the the traffic that generally is considered the most profitable traffic so still let’s do this thanks to the google united states click search and then we go for having same terms and now we can see there is one point five almost million keywords obviously we need to filter this list down so let’s type in keyword difficulty or between one and four right now there is a bit of an issue with a trav├ęs database for keyword difficult determines 0 so that’s why i’m going between 1 and 4 once that’s fixed in a couple of days we can go from 0 to 4 but let’s just do 1 to 4 for now hit apply and then we still have twenty nine thousand two hundred and forty keywords so let’s go 300 search volume minimum to go four really sort of good keywords and we’ve got 1649 keywords just with the base phrase of things to do now look this is awesome things to do in Orange County in Pasadena Cocoa Beach in Berkeley Idaho Falls etc etc so let’s take a closer look at some of them so I’m gonna for example this one things to do in Twin Falls Idaho 2300 searches on us Google per month and that’s just of this keyword term obviously there’s going to be a lot of related ones for example things to do in Twin Falls Idaho with kids at night and so on but this is sort of the base keyword or keyphrase that you can target if we expand this and look at the search engine results we can see that on page one we’ve got some really weak sites that will be super easy to outrank let’s look at a couple of stats here one is this thing a are what we’re looking for is high AR values because loyal AR site’s means that they’re very strong very high AR values means that the website is actually really weak so we can see one result here with 14 million ir rank so anything over 1 million is basically in a week website we can see another one with 1.

2 and we can see another one with 6.5 mill so there are three websites in here there are really week websites so this is starting to look really good the other things to look into here are backlinks and domains so this week website with rank of 6.

5 million has got zero backlinks and it’s still on page one so this is how I normally verify the difficulty to make sure that there are no mistakes let’s take a quick look at this so let’s open up Eagle would calm and what I can see here is that there is not a lot of content if I select all of these content and if I count these words we can see there is only 540 words not sure if you guys can see this hopefully you can see this 540 words on this whole page so with very short content they managed to rank now let’s take a look at something else here this one traveling spot let’s open that one up and we can see once again it just says 9 things to do in Twin Falls Idaho it says hi I’m Caty so this is not a corporate website it’ll be pretty easy for you guys to compete with this one even if you have a brand new website like let’s say you register domain today it will still be very easy for you to rank for this so 9 things to do in Twin Falls Idaho let’s select all of this content let’s once again measure how difficult it is okay so this one is count these words 1187 words and these domain traveling spot is has got a rank of 14 minutes this is a super weak domain guys so now I am look based on these I am 100% convinced that this keyword will be very very easy to rank for and you know the content is easy to create you don’t need to create long content so basically if you write one and a half thousand words or two thousand words even on a brand new domain you can probably rank for this as you can see you know there’s there’s articles that are ranking with zero backlinks so your next question might be well how do you actually create content for this I mean obviously there are very nice photos on here and to create the content I’m going to explain to you what I did with so let’s say if I wanted to write an article on things to do in Twin Falls Idaho I would go and I would search in Google for this and I would make a list or let’s say I decide to write about 15 things to do in Twin Falls Idaho so I will then open this up and I would take a look at this and it would say taking the views from the canyon rim trail so I’ll actually then start making least okay like this taking the views from brainian canyon rim trail dine on the edge of the profit Canyon and then maybe I’ll take another one zip the snake so something like this then I will go into another result and for wonder wisdom I’ll take another 3 from here just so that it does not look obvious that you’re ripping off one particular website okay so you’re doing your own research so I’m gonna go out here visit shoshana Falls and then maybe visit this sawtooth National Forest okay so I’ll get a couple from here and then I’ll basically what I’ll do is I’ll make a list of 15 or 20 things that I’m going to write about so the content is actually very easy to create because you just have a list of things and you literally write a few paragraphs about each of them and you do that research now where do you get the images because obviously to write about those things it’s very nice if you also have the images so when I was doing this on travel crock for example this article here what to do in Rio de Janeiro okay you can see I’ve got all these images we just literally made comments sort of several sentences a paragraph about each of these things like Copacabana beach etc the first way to get this content is you can google for images that have got the license for you to be able to use on your own website so let’s say when I’m writing about sure Sharan falls apologize if I’m not pronouncing this correctly don’t know how to say this okay so I’ll just like that and I’ll type it into Google and Google for and I can see these are the falls yes nice obviously I can’t use these photos because that would be stealing so what we need to do is go into images and then go into settings and then Advanced Search and then here at the bottom choose usage rights free to use share or modify even commercially he’ll Advanced Search and look at what comes up now I can see the images of those same same waterfalls and I can see that some of them actually have got that license for example I can possibly use this border from Flickr Flickr comms I can just go here and look at the license on Flickr and when I open this photo on Flickr I can have a look at the license terms so let me just scroll through see it says some rights reserved so let’s just double check and make sure that this license is correct it says attribution share-alike 2.

0 generic all right so here it says you are free to share and adapt so it says remix transform and build upon the material for any purpose even commercially so you can use this photo on your website provided you adhere to these additional terms you need to give attribution so you can look at how to give appropriate credit but basically you guys can use this photo you can just take this photo and use it as your own on your website and then you can just do the same thing with all of these items that you’ve decided to cover you can generally find photos under Creative Commons if you can’t for whatever reason just remove that and replace it with another item for which you can’t find photos now we’ve covered just one keyword term here for things to do in Twin Falls Idaho you actually have another 1649 keywords to go through in total which are super super super low key word difficulty so the opportunity is limitless pretty much here and that’s just for United States you can actually do the same thing for let’s say Canada okay on your same website just register a generic sort of travel website and once you once you go forward canadian search engine let’s go a keyword difficulty to again between one and four and volume we go for from 300 onwards okay there is another hundred and twenty seven keywords here for things to do in Canada then we can do the same thing for Australia and all other countries that you can possibly think of you can do this so for Australia if we choose queuing difficulty between one and four and volume from 300 onwards we’re gonna get a bunch of keywords here as well 241 keywords that you can write on here so the opportunity to publish content and to make money is literally endless if you do decide to set up a blog at least niche then I’ve actually got step-by-step videos on my youtube channel that you can watch for free that will show you step-by-step how to set up that blog how to start publishing the content and how to start making money from this blog if you’d like even more help if you’d like my training course and my mentorship package then just a quick reminder it’s still on a 35 percent discount right now just check the link in the description and use the coupon code youtube to get the 35 percent discount thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoy this video click Subscribe just below this video and take that Bell notification I can as well to make sure that you get notified about my future videos my goal on this channel is to help you make a full time income online so that you can have a better future for yourself and your family see you in the next video

Niche Website Idea: CBD Oil Blog Topics List 2019
Niche Website Idea: CBD Oil Blog Topics List 2019

In this video I’m going to show you how you would find blog topics and opportunities for a specific niche and today we’re going to use CBD oil as an example the reason I’m picking CBD oil is because I’m getting messages left and right of everybody that wants me to either buy it or sell it so it’s booming so let’s take a look here let’s just say you happen to be somebody that sells CBD oil I am in my tool sem rush here we’re going to go over to CBD oil I’m going to click down here at view full report what we’re going to get here now is get a list of keywords that have the phrase CBD oil in it, so you’ll see every one of these has it in it then we have related topics over here that we can move to after the fact now what we’re looking for this is where everybody gets stuck there’s a couple things here one when you’re starting a niche website especially with the goal to monetize the website through advertising or through affiliate income or through conversion of sales it’s going to be very important that you start off with the topics that have a low barrier of entry that means that there’s not a lot of competition because you’ve got to start really at the bottom and work your way up as you gain visibility with Google you can’t just go straight after the popular keyword so if you’re trying to rank for CBD oil you’re going to have a really hard time with that, search volume is 301,000 for the phrase eat CBD oil now as you go down we’re going to see (actually I’m seeing — interesting) as i pause here it shows that organically meaning earning in to pay-per-click there’s a lot of opportunity right now probably because this is so up-and-coming but let’s just go down and take a look at this and we’re going to try to niche this down first thing i’m going to do I’m going to go up here to advanced filters and I’m going to say only show me keywords that have three or more words in them because we’re going try to drill down and go a little bit more longtail keyword phrase let’s go ahead and look for that my experience the easiest search volume to rank for is under 250 so search volume is all of the searches that month for that keyword and you might think to yourself well gosh if only 250 people are searching a keyword phrase that’s not gonna be very valuable and again the goal is just to get ranking on the search engines so that you get some visibility with Google and you start generating a little bit of traffic and if your ranking number 1-2 or 3-4 even 250 searches a month you’re gonna start getting some some traffic and then you work your way up from there will look at we’ll go to 300 let’s look at search phrases that are under 300 and I have not looked this up yet you guys this is first time for me too all right here you go this is a this is a niche best CBD oil for cancer do you see how different that is then just best CBD oil so if you’re going to go write a blog about the best CBD oil it might be beneficial to write best CBD oil for cancer, best CBD oil for sleep you see that best CBD massage oil there’s a good one CBD oil and breastfeeding so how does that affect the breastfeeding mom if she’s on CBD oil, this is a fantastic one CBD oil and seizures, you guys this is a goldmine of blog topics right here CBD oil autism dosage now I wanted to clarify that I don’t have anything to do with CBD oil I know nothing about it at this point in my life never you use it I don’t sell it there might be a reason why it seems like there’s a lot of opportunity right now organically for this and I’m not sure why so I’m just kind of using this as an example if I was going to start a CBD oil blog this is where I would start all of these are your blog topics CBD oil for chronic pain that’s a blog topic, CBD oil for nerve pain that’s a blog topic, CBD oil for PTSD that’s a blog topic, I almost want to go start this just because the opportunity looks so big

Creating an AMAZON AFFILIATE NICHE Site that Makes $500 per month in 4 Steps
Creating an AMAZON AFFILIATE NICHE Site that Makes $500 per month in 4 Steps

I’m gonna tell you about the four steps you need to know about Amazon affiliate niche sites if you’re an experienced niche site person and you know the four steps already but you are having a hard time explaining what you do or what you’re interested in to people that don’t know anything about affiliate marketing these are the four steps that you can easily explain to your friends your parents maybe your spouse who doesn’t quite understand the niche site concept or if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing and the Amazon affiliate ecosystem this is the video that will introduce you to the high level four step so let’s get into the steps right now what’s up my name is Doug Cunnington from a niche site project I talk about Amazon affiliate marketing internet marketing in general and project management so have a look at some of the videos and if you like what you see please consider subscribing so I’m going to talk about the four steps these are high level steps to create an Amazon affiliate niche site this will sort of apply to other niche site ideas but I focus on Amazon affiliate marketing so we’ll go over the steps at a high level and then I’ll go a little bit deeper into each one and in fact there’s a few playlists that I have I’ll link them up in the description below so you can go deeper on each one of the four major phases so quick note I’m a project manager by trade I did software project management I’m a PMP that’s a project management professional and I did that for about 10 years or so before I got laid off so when I mention these phases it’s very much in a framework of project management now I don’t go too deep into the lingo and the corporate jargon of project management but just keep in mind this is a well thought-out process and I’m just dividing it up into sort of the major areas so you can have a better idea on what to focus on in certain phases so number one you have to pick a niche number two you have to set up a site so this is sort of in fish your type stuff number three you’ll be posting and publishing content on a website and the fourth step is to get traffic and promote your site now let’s dive into each one of the steps a little bit more deeply so first off you do need to pick a niche there’s a few things that you do have to focus on in picking a niche it’s one of the most important things it’s sort of the foundation of your site so if you pick the wrong niche you’re sort of cursed to not be successful even if you do everything after that right if you have the wrong niche you’re in trouble so the first thing you have to think about with niche is are people searching for it so basically we’re getting traffic we’re aiming to get traffic from Google free organic search traffic from Google so that means people need to be searching for it on Google and you want them to sort of be in the buyers mindset and you need to make sure enough people are searching for it now that brings us to keyword research now that’s a whole topic for a whole other day but there are tools out there like keyword KAG longtail Pro I think there’s something called the keyword revealer there’s other tools out there and most of these if not all our paid tools however most of the time I do find it only necessary to pay for the tools for like a month or two you can do a lot of keyword research in a month or two and that’s kind of all you need for like six or 12 months the point is you do have to use a tool to find out how many times people are searching for those terms on average per month so there’s a whole theory behind how many searches you want to go for but I kind of like a blend of terms where people are not searching too often like say under 500 times a month or a thousand times a month and then sort of you know target some higher volume search terms like people are searching for 2,000 or 5,000 or 8,000 times but the thing is the more times people search for terms the more valuable they are and that means there’s more competition so if there’s more value if there’s more money behind a certain set of keywords that means you’re gonna have more competition it may take longer to rank for these terms and just be a little more difficult because people are making money on it and that means they’re reinvesting into sites that are already established the other thing to add about keyword research is you can take an approach that is basically the supply and demand of keywords this is called the keyword golden ratio it’s a concept that I developed with you know information from others so you know I didn’t make up the each of the pieces but the keyword golden ratio is something that you know I developed over time I tested it I refined it I asked other people to test it and it’s something that does work if you just you know do some searches check out the videos on the keyword golden ratio you’ll find not only is a simple concept but it does work people are having great success with it the other part of picking a niche is your interest level now I’m not gonna say you have to be passionate about it or you know you could find some obscure tiny thing be you’re obsessed with and just make a lot of money from that just because you’re passionate about it there does need to be a balance of you know what people are searching for that it’s quite important one of the most important things but it is good if you have a light amount of interest if you’re kind of interested in the topic or keyword or set of products that’s really good you know for example I love beautiful Brewer a brew beer at home and I’m just into beer I like it does that mean I should create some sort of beer brewing blog or something like that well maybe I’m sure there’s some specific areas where creating a blog around beer or home brewing could be profitable but a lot of the information around home brewing beer is in forums or YouTube videos so it may not be the perfect combination the point is it’s good to have a little bit of interest but you don’t necessarily have to be a word of caution would be you know you don’t want to necessarily target your passion go hard and not pay attention to the keyword research there must be a balance once you pick your niche you’re ready to set up the site this is phase two so again this is sort of the infrastructure of your site so you need to set up hosting I normally recommend people use WordPress you don’t have to use WordPress but it is very popular and there are many tools and plug-ins for WordPress it just makes it easier if you’ve never set up a website before so WordPress is very easy to set up and you could use just about any hosting that you want to normally the cheapest package is good enough I recommend one of the bigger companies so I use personally Bluehost SiteGround a smaller company called MDD hosting you know other people use Hostgator and there are dozens and dozens of other hosting companies but for your first site I would recommend just use one of the larger companies you’re probably going to be paying about you know roughly three to seven dollars per month and like most things do you get what you pay for so if you find a company where you can get hosting for you know one dollar a month or two dollars a month it’s probably not going to be the best service you’re gonna have you know uptime issues and most likely they are just a reseller from one of these other companies so perhaps they’ve purchased a you know a server package and they’re just reselling it and you know marking it up and you’re sharing a server with a bunch of other people so if it’s too cheap I’d stay away from it work with big companies other considerations around your infrastructure and setting up the site would be a theme so you know I’m gonna assume WordPress so we’ll just assume WordPress but this generally applies to other types of content management systems as well but you’ll need a theme you can’t get some free themes if you are going to use a free theme I highly recommend using one from the company called automatic which is the parent company of WordPress because you’re using a theme from the parent company you know it’s going to be secure it’ll be updated while high quality it’s going to look beautiful in fact my very first Amazon affiliate site was created using a free like the standard default WordPress 2012 theme with a white background black text totally clean totally simple that was my first site and it did very well so you don’t necessarily need something fancy and I’m personally a minimalist I try to apply that to most areas of my life not all but most and basically the more options the more choices you have in a theme the more complicated it is the more decisions you’re going to have to make and it turns out if you just use something simple you’re much better off now there are some themes that are oriented towards Amazon affiliate sites and those could be a good choice a couple of those of which I’m an affiliate for are the ultimate Azon theme and authority so those are great themes they look nice right out of the box and they integrate directly with the Amazon API which is a nice thing to have a couple other things that you have to think about with the site are your domain name so the domain name is important but you shouldn’t spend too much time trying to figure out your domain name you want it to be clear so people understand what the site’s about you don’t want to be too clever you don’t want to have dashes or too many numbers like if you put a number in your domain name then you’re gonna have to think about you know were they gonna type it in right well they put in the numeral or are they gonna write out the number so I would avoid numbers most of the time and just keep it simple so most of the time I recommend you you make it a brandable type name so you’re not like painted in a corner you know you don’t want to have a site like best ballpoint pen 20:18 you can’t really go anywhere from there so make it more general like you know the best office supplies for your home office com something like that right it’s a little more general you could add a lot more products into it and last thing to note when you are using WordPress or you know one of the other content management systems you do have the ability to put in plugins which is great plugins can do almost everything however the word of caution is there are so many plugins that you may be tempted to just put plugins in for anything that you can think of there’s probably a plug-in for almost anything you could think of anyway the problem is plugins will slow down your site it’s just a thing that happens when you load more things onto your site it’ll just get slower and slower so I usually try to keep the plugins to a minimum again I try to minimize you know extra stuff as much as possible so if you don’t necessarily have to have the plug-in in there don’t install it so there are a few plugins that are helpful you know things that help you reduce comment spam things to keep your site secure backing up your site those sort of things good do those there’s no substitute for those right you have to do that kind of thing to keep your site secure and reduce spam right those are a no-brainer but if you want to say add tables or you want to have just some special kind of widget to do a special kind of thing it turns out you probably don’t need those things and I would encourage you to you know reduce as much as you can once you have your site set up you need to publish content my kind of sites have reviews of products and you may be thinking do I have to buy all the products to review them no you don’t most of the time you can get great information from the product detail page on Amazon you can read other reviews online you may be able to check out forums that have information on products it depends on the niche right but there are some very active forums on the Internet you can watch youtube videos to see people that actually did purchase the product and they are reviewing it and of course you can go to Amazon and read the reviews that are on there now you can’t copy those kind of reviews exactly you can’t quote them or anything like that but you can get a lot of good information and summarize it in fact I recommend you go to all the sources I mentioned in addition the manufacturer can provide a lot of information too through their user manuals and just on their website so if you compile that information and curate it and you summarize information you can gather from all the sources that are available to you you end up with a pretty good amount of information you can write a review about now a lot of people worry about how much content they should launch their site with I say start small this is a project management idea and framework that I brought over to the internet marketing area because here’s some of the advice you often see you know launch your site with a hundred pieces of content or 200 pieces of content you want to make a big site that is bad advice especially for beginner because if you try to publish that much content you’re gonna get overwhelmed and most likely you’re gonna quit before you get close to accomplishing it in fact even if you had unlimited resources aka money probably would have a hard time publishing a hundred pieces of content if it’s your first time starting the site you won’t know exactly what to put in the content you may not be skilled and hiring freelance writers you may not know how to you know set up systems so you can publish a lot of content in you know small amount of time those are skills that you can develop but the point is if you try and launch a site with too much content you’re gonna get in trouble so what do I recommend you should launch a site with just ten pieces of content five pieces of that content should be sort of informational how-to content something that will be helpful for the visitors the other five pieces of content will be around product reviews now the how-to content the informational stuff is not necessarily going to be money-making content you can put affiliate links in the how-to content but it’s not there to convert visitors into buyers now the affiliate review content the other five pieces that is directly related to you know converting a visitor into a buyer the goal is to have that person read the review understand the choice that they’re about to make they head over to Amazon and they make the purchase that’s the best way to launch a site one of the huge benefits is ten pieces of content is totally doable so let’s say you have to write it yourself because you’re just getting started and your budget small that’s what I did I wrote basically all the content on my very first site nowadays I don’t write reviews too often because well it’s not the most fun thing to do in the world so I usually hire a writer and I could provide them with a template and other information that helps them write it in that make you just edit it it’s a little bit faster to edit and to write from scratch at least for me so the point is ten pieces of content is doable if you have to write it yourself or you probably can put together a budget it’s probably going to you know cost between a hundred to two hundred dollars give or take to hire a few writers to write ten articles so it’s a decent chunk of money but depending on where you’re starting you should be able to pull together that amount of money now the other part is ten post is quite manageable so not only can you put together the budget but you could probably hire a couple writers to work with you for a few weeks and you can end up with ten pieces of content you can see the finish line with ten articles right if you’re thinking of a hundred 150 articles that’s gonna take you like six months and it’s overwhelming so start small start with ten and that’s plenty to launch with and then you can move on to step four step four is getting traffic and promoting your site this is one of the more complicated things that you’re gonna have to work on the easiest way and the first thing you should do is to tell your family and friends so you know let them know go on Facebook on Instagram wherever you sort of communicate with your friends email maybe you send them a letter in the mail I have no idea however you get in touch with that let them know you’re launching a site have them go check it out they are going to be interested in what you’re working on they they like you and they want to help you out so have them check out the site you may not necessarily you know want to ask them for tips because you know they may not know what they’re talking about keep that in mind but they do want to help you so always accept feedback get the site out there start getting feedback and then you can always go back and improve it the content that you know the written word you can improve the design and graphics whenever you have time in the future you can go back and do that stuff our main goal to get traffic to the site is through Google you want someone to search for a term in Google they’ll see the results hopefully your website will be one of those results they’ll click on it head to your website and they you know see they read the information on the site they get a better idea about the product that they want and then they click your affiliate link over to Amazon and they make a purchase if you’re lucky they buy a few things I know when I buy something on Amazon I almost always you know check with my wife to see if she wants to put something in the order and we usually order three or four things whenever we attempt to order just one so hopefully that sort of thing is going to happen for you and that’s the ultimate right that’s the way you can get huge amounts of traffic to your site and basically you’ll be able to scale in that way if you can you know give it a few more keywords that your ranking a little bit higher for over time you’re able to get tons of traffic to your site the main task in getting your site to rank better is link building now that’s a huge topic in fact I will put a playlist in the description for SEO and link building and doing outreach but I like to keep things simple right again going back to the project management idea and being effective the thing is you can do hundreds of different tasks that could potentially help with your ranking but the biggest thing you could do is get more backlinks so I like to keep it simple with a two step process where you go out and you look for related blogs and you comment on those blogs two things happens when you do that so the first thing that happens is you probably will get a link to your main domain most of the time when you comment on a blog you type in your name in the name field and then for your website you put in the URL for your main domain don’t try and be cute don’t try and get a link directly to your post just put in your main domain name okay and then you leave a comment it does need to be an authentic genuine comment you want to add value I recommend you read their posts or at least skim it and make a intelligent comment it’s great to ask a question it’s great to provide a compliment in there it’s great to interact with some of the other readers and commenters on that blog and the other benefit so the first thing is you get a link on your name right to main domain name the other thing is you actually start networking within the niche if you’re lucky the blogger will go check out your site and then know who you are this comes into play for the second part of the link building which is guest posting so eventually you do want to build a relationship through further blog commenting with that specific blogger potentially sending emails and just corresponding with them so that you’re sort of an internet friend with them right you want them to know who you are and at some point in the future I would between say two weeks and two months you can ask them if you can guest post on their site now you could imagine that they get a lot of inquiries people are just asking them hey can I guest post on your site can you put a link on my site all that kind of stuff it comes off very pushy and a little spammy if you do that right so if you come in and you start asking for stuff right away it’s not cool right nobody wants to sort of be put in that position so a better way to do it is through developing a relationship so when you comment on their blog they’re gonna remember that if you email them or sign up for their email list they’ll remember that too and people really like it when you comment on their blogs and further to take it a little bit deeper you can’t connect with them on social media find out what channel they’re most active on maybe it’s Instagram maybe it’s Facebook maybe it’s Twitter but connect with them there see where they spend their time and then interact with them there if you do that you’re gonna stand out so much more than your competition again people are just sending out emails these days and just asking for stuff again just not cool so quick recap and this is what I call high touch outreach where there’s a lot of touch points it takes time and it really separates you from your competition who are trying to get links as well so those are the four main steps you need to pick your niche number two you’re going to have to set up your site this where you pick out your domain name probably set up WordPress and set up a theme the third part is around publishing content I recommend you publish you know ten pieces of content to start out with where 50% of it is affiliate reviews and the other 50% is helpful content think about how to content just informational content the fourth step is promotion and link building and after that you’re really just doing sort of the same thing you rinse and repeat right you end up adding more content and then doing more link building and that’s sort of the way to do it to grow your site if you found this helpful please click the like button if you want more please subscribe to the channel again I talked about a lot of internet marketing stuff productivity project management stuff if you have any questions about the process leave a comment below really interested to hear you know what areas you want to learn more about additionally check out the playlist in the description there’s a lot more I mean I do basically hour to hour and a half long presentations on each one of the tiny little my new sub topics you can go so deep so I’ll put some links in the description so you can check those out if you’re interested the question of the day do you have a niche site if so let us know in the comments below let us know how long you’ve been doing it and if you have any tips things that you’ve learned with your niche site let us know in the comments – so again I’m Doug Pennington from niche site project thanks for checking it out