This unusual niche helps the right people find me
This unusual niche helps the right people find me

“What is with the Rachels niche?” “Do you seriously only coach Rachels?” “Only women called Rachel?” Hi. I’m Anthony English and I get a lot of questions about my tagline on LinkedIn and now on YouTube, where I call myself a Rachel helper.

I am a business coach. I’m in Sydney Australia and yes I help Rachels…Rachels in business: professional women running their own business. And now are they all called Rachel? Well, no. Then what…how on earth did I pick a niche called “Rachel”? Because it’s not like an industry.

It’s not like doing websites for dentists or helping, doing accounting for I don’t know for manufacturers or something. Like it’s a really, it’s a very unusual niche, so here’s the story. I was coaching men and women and I was getting.

..well my clients—the women—were getting very good results. The business coaching really around their marketing, around their sales, around confidence, around selling, knowing what to price. Really finding those roadblocks and pushing away those roadblocks.

Snd my approach is definitely not a…well, I wouldn’t call it a sledgehammer approach. I don’t tell them “Just do it!” or “Believe in yourself!” or “Step out of your comfort zone!” I don’t use that sort of approach.

Now, at one point I was looking through the prospects that I had been looking at working with, and I saw a few names that kept coming up. And one name was Sarah and another name was Rachel. Now, I already had a client called Sarah at the time so I thought, “I’m not going to pick Sarah because you know she might feel like I’ve singled her out.

” And so what it was I wrote this post on LinkedIn and it just went like this. It took me maybe three minutes to dream up the idea and to write it. It went like this. “Let’s play tag Rachel!” And I said “look, I know some amazing women called Rachel.

I know some amazing women not called Rachel as well, but let’s just focus on the Rachels.” And I said “I don’t know what it is maybe about this name, but tell me do you know anyone called Rachel? If you do tag her on this post, you know link to her and tell us why she’s amazing.

” Now that post, well it didn’t go viral. I think it had like 12,000 views eventually. It didn’t get that many likes. But it got a lot of comments in the comments, with people saying “yeah! My sister is called Rachel” Or some people themselves are called Rachel.

“Hi, I’m a Rachel. My name is Rachel” or “my grandmother was Rachel” or “I worked with a Rachel” or even “my competitor is Rachel. She’s an amazing copywriter!” And so it was really wonderful just to see.

In fact, we had over 80 Rachels, I think were showcased. In some way people promoted them, which was just beautiful and the message was it was not about the name Rachel, you know. Some people said “well, maybe next week you can do a different name, you know “I help Roberts” or tag Sarah or tag Michelle or something like that.

And I said “no no! That’s not the point!” The point I wanted to try to make is that whether your name is Rachel or Sarah or Anthony (like my name is) or Peter or something else or Chana, whatever your name is, you’re not alone.

You are not alone in your business. And look! You thought that it was just you against the world. You marketing to the entire world like they’re all enemies waiting to shoot you down, waiting to criticize your video or waiting to knock down your post.

It’s not like that at all. Look how many people there are there to cheer you on! even your clients! You go and ask them for testimonials, the happy clients. They’ll be grateful! Maybe they won’t write the testimonial but they’ll be thankful that you’ve asked them because if you go above and beyond in your service, if you really deliver and over-deliver, then they’re going to want to thank you.

Not just thank you by paying you. Not just thank you by telling you “thank you!”, but by writing a testimonial for you. That’s how I’ve got so many wonderful testimonials on my website. You can check that out check out the link.

They’re not made up. They’re real people you can link to them or you can look them all up and they’re just wonderful testimonials. That’s a testimonial to me but it’s to them. It’s really that people are on your side.

That’s my message. And so, once you get through that, that really helps us so much with my business coaching because I’m trying to find out where the roadblock is, where we because we all have our own roadblocks.

And I don’t believe everything is mindset or you know although I don’t believe in all of that but I say that you are helping people you are serving people and people want want you to do well it’s in your clients interest for you to do well in your business ok they don’t want you to go out of business they don’t want you to rip them off of course and you’re not going to do that but they’re not they don’t want you to go out of business well who are they going to go to they want you to do well you’re good clients and so that’s my message so what happened then after I tagged they played this tag Rachel game then like a friend of mine well we were discussing and he suggested what did you change or I suggested changing my headline to I helped Rachel’s and then just recently somebody one of my clients called me Rachel help so I’ve changed it to Rachel helper now the response has been really wonderful it’s not for everybody I understand that and some people find it a bit alienating and I totally understand that but I do get women contact me and they say Anthony I’m a Rachel and you know what the name isn’t Rachel that they say I’m a Rachel which is just beautiful they recognize themselves well they can think of somebody so if I say I help women yeah well I mean there are already women who coach only women well I’m a man who coaches women and you know what’s so special about me what’s so special about the women look I I don’t say it’s anything special I’m just saying that’s what I do I just I get better results with women than I then I have with men that’s that’s what it appears to me why I don’t know pretty fascinating I’m sure there’s some psychology behind it or what well why I do but anyway it seems to happen but so I also the thing here is that women approached me and they say Anthony I’m a Rachel and it also as soon as I went from my help women till I helped Rachel’s then people could start to think of somebody they could think of a real person because in copywriting especially it’s really powerful to use specifics you know I saw it try to avoid that little general generic language of I will save you time and money or I help business owners or I help you know that really broad thing that doesn’t really make you think of anybody you know so that’s it that’s the story behind I helped Rachel’s if you’re interested then yeah certainly subscribe to my channel my youtube channel and and check out my website check out my LinkedIn profile I’ll include links to them all in the in the description for this video and thank you so much for watching

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2020 (Step By Step) – Full Course For Bloggers & Students
Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2020 (Step By Step) – Full Course For Bloggers & Students

where all my affiliate marketers at type in me right here in the comments below if you do affiliate marketing right now and if you’re just getting started no worries first I’m gonna explain a little bit about what affiliate marketing is and why it’s important why it’s a great place to make lots of money and then I’ll be going over quite a number of questions common questions I’ve seen on my channel almost a million people a month watch my channel to learn about affiliate marketing and I’m gonna be going over the common questions that I see so that hopefully your questions can get answered in how to get started whether it’s worth doing how much can you earn etc but before we get into that let me tell you a little bit about myself I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2009-10 something like that basically 10 years I’ve been dabbling in it but I went full-time and replaced my job income which was six thousand dollars a month in 2012 to making twenty five to fifty thousand dollars a month at around 23 years old I was making that sort of money with the power of affiliate marketing so great wealth creation tool very easy to get started and I’ll be going over the specifics there now affiliate marketing itself is a fifth billion-dollar industry that’s billion with a B so if you’re just looking to earn an extra $10,000 a year that is a fraction that’s less than a percent of fifteen billion dollars so there’s a lot of money to be made here got a big market size and only seven billion is in the US because I know that only about a quarter of the people watching this are going to be based in the US most of the money is actually outside of America and what’s great about affiliate marketing is it doesn’t really matter where people are anyways because if you’re in Nigeria you can make money in the US with affiliate marketing if you’re an American you can make money in Nigeria I don’t think there’s a lot of affiliate programs in Nigeria but the point being is it doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world what matters is you can get a piece of all of this pie there’s 15 billion dollars right now 60 percent of the money made in affiliate marketing is business-to-consumer so it’s sort of like if you’re selling let’s say you’re selling hats if you’re selling hats that’s a consumer product an individual is buying that not a business whereas if you’re selling jam boards business is buying that so there’s a lot of opportunity just selling the individual people but as well as selling the businesses 40% of the affiliate marketing income is sold by businesses why is that important well if you are an executive or if you know about different professional tools or software’s or stuff a lot of businesses buy this stuff and a lot of people hear about these business products through affiliate marketing also the amount of money that businesses spend each year is just astronomical so if you do affiliate marketing and you focus on recommending products to other businesses you can make a lot of money now another interesting statistic about affiliate marketing is 74 percent of all online purchases people actually do research on other websites before they buy the product now what that means is basically the majority of people could land on your website doing research to figure out what product they end up purchasing before they make a decision that’s a great statistic for affiliate marketers because public’s propensity for doing research on things works in the affiliate marketers favor it means you can get credit for the sale for basically 75% of everything people purchase end of the day folks there is a lot of money in affiliate marketing and the industry is growing very fast 11% annual which is larger than the majority of other industries in the world so this is a fast growing industry it’s big and almost 80 percent of all companies use it so let’s move on to some of the questions now the first question I hear a lot from people who are not familiar with affiliate marketing is it legit is affiliate marketing actually a legitimate way to make money well as we see it’s a large industry fifteen billion dollars and yes it is very legitimate eighty percent of businesses do affiliate marketing if you’ve gone to Amazon Amazon one of their biggest ways they get people into their site is through affiliate marketers did you know that have you ever wondered how you end up on Amazon I mean one of my favorite examples is my wife I asked her do you ever click on affiliate links and she said no I never do I never click on affiliate links I don’t like scammy marketers ads and then I looked on our computer I looked at one of the tab shoes open and I said oh what’s this she said oh I’m doing research on what diapers to buy I want to find some eco-friendly diapers for Fiona which is my daughter and I said Oh which is your favorite she said oh I really like this one I said you know every single product they’re recommending on the site is using an Amazon affiliate link she said no those aren’t affiliate links I said Sarah I’m mousing over this link and I see there’s an affiliate ID attached to it you can’t see it but if you go in the code every one of these links has an affiliate ID corresponding to it meaning some affiliate marketer like me is getting credit for anything you purchase on Amazon right now she said whoa I didn’t know that that’s not real is it really I said yeah you’ve been clicking on affiliate links for years babe it’s just you don’t know and that’s why it works so affiliate marketing is legit it’s all over if you’ve ever booked a flight and you haven’t used the actual flight booking site if you’ve used Expedia comm hotels.

com you’ve used Travel ozzie orbits those are all affiliate marketing companies nerd wallet big affiliate marketing company affiliate marketing company affiliate marketing company it is a super legit industry it is growing fast and there’s a lot of money to be made by a lot of individuals so now we’ll move on to the second question but joe is affiliate marketing worth doing yes 100% affiliate marketing is totally worth doing and if you’ve seen almost any youtuber go check out your top five or top 10 favorite youtubers and just check the links in their description are they doing affiliate marketing do they have links to other products that are not their own or other services or other softwares chances are they do a lot of the biggest youtubers they started making money with affiliate marketing because it can’t make a lot of money as a youtuber or it used to be that way so yes affiliate marketing is worth doing in almost any individual any social influencer does affiliate marketing nowadays any blog you go on any site that has traffic usually does affiliate marketing anybody with an email list does affiliate marketing and there’s plenty of ways that you can do affiliate marketing even if you have zero audience yourself and I teach that in my 6-week course called the super affiliate system links are down below we updated every six months and make the course better and better and better and create more and more and more and more success you can check out my community to see all of the success stories that are starting their own businesses making money with affiliate marketing on to the third question okay joe I get it it’s legit you know it’s worthwhile but can this affiliate marketing thing actually be a career like can it be something I do for years and you know even just get a job doing affiliate marketing I want a stable income I don’t want to take risks I just want a steady paycheck I’ve a mortgage and credit card costs I just want a steady paycheck and something I can do for a long time is that possible with affiliate marketing yes it is first off there are a lot of affiliate marketing jobs and second off you can do this for a long time I’ve been doing this for eight years full-time doing affiliate marketing just posting links on the internet and selling other companies products and making Commission when I match those two together it’s been great and it’s been something that I’ve had to adapt with over time I started off marketing an investment company and that company shut down their affiliate program for you know a year you know a couple years after I started they shut down their affiliate program so I started marketing other product noise start marketing bedbug eradication kits and skincare supplements and weight loss supplements I’ve shifted over time what companies I market but I’ve been in the industry for eight years so I call it a career I call it my job you know I tell my wife I say don’t bother me when I’m working you know this is my job if you actually want a job with a base salary if that’s what you mean by career you want just steady money you want to do this you freakin can there are a lot of jobs doing affiliate marketing usually what the jobs are is they’re called affiliate managers so I’m just gonna abbreviate it MGR affiliate managers and there’s a lot of jobs working for affiliate networks as an affiliate manager which gives you the opportunity to work with hundreds or thousands of affiliates to help them make sales so there’s jobs working for affiliate networks the largest cities which you can go to that have affiliate marketing companies in them I’m gonna list out a few if you want a job working for an affiliate Network one is Toronto that’s in Canada a lot of affiliate networks located in Toronto one of the number one places for affiliate marketing is San Diego I’d say this is probably the number one city for affiliate marketing so if you’re looking for a career in affiliate marketing a lot of affiliate networks located there another city is New York lots of affiliate companies in New York a lot of all companies in New York other cities that have a lot of affiliate marketing companies based in them include Los Angeles probably the number one city in Europe for affiliate marketing is Amsterdam you also have in Asia you have Bangkok and the last notable city which has a lot of affiliate marketing companies is st.

Petersburg Florida so overall there’s a lot of places where affiliate marketing companies are based but frankly they’re based all over the world because it’s an internet business you can be BAE anywhere you really want with affiliate marketing so companies can spring up anywhere let’s move on to the fourth question okay joe I get it there’s careers doing affiliate marketing but as an affiliate myself can I actually earn a full-time income doing this you know I see your ads talking about you can earn a side income or you can add extra dollars to what you make but here our full-time income doing this that’s at least two thousand dollars a month I don’t know I take home about 100 one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month I consider that a full-time income but in all reality many people are full-time affiliate they look on LinkedIn and see how many people classify themselves as affiliate marketers I actually regularly pull my audience to see how many people do this full-time versus part-time versus not at all and there’s many people doing this as a full-time job even following this channel commenting in the description so full-time income 100% if you do affiliate marketing full-time type and I do it full-time type it in in the comments below I have some channel regulars so I love to see who’s doing it but I know a lot of people and the income can vary right I know people doing affiliate marketing full-time and they earn ten to twenty thousand dollars a year but they live which is I don’t consider it a lot I understand maybe if you’re in like Nigeria or something or India like 10 to 20 thousand dollars might be a lot of money but there’s people doing it full time living in Cambodia and if you earn twenty thousand dollars a year in Cambodia you’re living like a prince you’re earning like multiple times what the average person in that country earns per year so you’re living really nice you have servants you have house people all that stuff and you can do that with affiliate marketing because you don’t have to be anywhere don’t have to talk to anybody right you don’t have to wake up at any time so you 100% can which brings us to question number five okay joe it sounds interesting it sounds like you can make some money doing it but how does it work but what are the mechanics of it how do you get paid what age do you have to be okay so to answer the question how does affiliate marketing work I’m actually going to do a little chart on my board just to give you a little more of a visual illustration of how the whole ecosystem works so what you’ll be working with is you will be working with what’s called an affiliate Network I’m just gonna abbreviate things but you work with an affiliate network which connects you with a lot of companies so you’ll sign up with a good example of an affiliate network is digi store or another affiliate network is Clickbank now anybody from any place in the world can work with these two networks you can sign up in the links in the description the only exception is you used to be able to work with digi store from Nigeria Nigeria cannot work with digi store or Clickbank right now you have to sign up with jvzoo I guess there’s a lot of Nigerians that are doing like scammy stuff now once you’re working with an affiliate Network you find products to sell so an affiliate network will give you a link they’ll give you a link to a webpage now the length they give you the web page might look something like this bla bla bla com backslash want ABC 1 to 30 that would be a unique identifier that identifies you or whatever the nickname you gave to your account and it would go it would go for a web site something like this which is a page for a doctor right this is a doctor that gets people out of pain who wants more customers now if you get people to fill out their information requesting a consultation with this doctor and clicking the button right here then you would get 10 dollars that would be an average amount of money to earn or helping a doctor schedule a consultation once you get people you post this link up on the internet you get people signing up for consultations then we go on to the next step which is you get money the affiliate network pays you money and different affiliate networks pay you different ways so digi store for instance will pay you money through PayPal they will pay you money through a wire all you need is a bank account to get a wire or they will pay you money through a check which all you need to receive a check is an address another great thing about affiliate marketing is any age there’s no age restriction with affiliate marketing there’s no country restriction except for Nigeria with digi store for instance but the point being anybody can do this no matter what age if you’re 8 years old you have an ad ress you can get checks sent to you you probably live somewhere so anybody can do affiliate marketing and it’s very easy to do ok that’s really interesting how it works joe but it seems a bit confusing and overwhelming like how do I just get started with it I just want to know how to start you probably don’t just want to know how to start you want the easiest way to start one of the fastest way to start and I made a video for you on that check out my video on how to start doing affiliate marketing if you’re just complete brand new beginner so check out the other videos on my channel all I talk about is affiliate marketing and marketing but the way I would recommend to get started is as I said before you start by joining an affiliate Network and the affiliate networks that I recommend you join our digi store and I have a link to digi store in the description below and if you apply through my link you’re guaranteed to get into digi store unless you’re in Nigeria the other affiliate network that I recommend is through Clickbank and again these networks they like working through referrals so make sure you use my links down below when you sign up for these affiliate networks I also have more affiliate networks you can sign up links are in the description I suggest you sign up for every single affiliate network you can so you can get accepted to at least a couple of them and start making money whichever one has the most interesting products to you and in order to learn about how to promote these products check out my video on free traffic methods for you know how to get your links out and again you can get your links out I mean if you can copy paste you can post a link on Facebook Google blogs Instagram Twitter LinkedIn I mean it’s the opportunities are endless that’s the easy part let’s move on to the next question how exactly do I join one of these affiliate networks I just click on the link and fill out some information like what if I don’t have a business what if they don’t accept me if you’re nervous about clicking a link you really don’t belong to do affiliate marketing you should probably just work a jobs you have to click the links below to join the affiliate networks you don’t need a business if they ask for a business ID just your social security number or whatever these networks they do ask for your tax information or what-have-you your personal identifying information because again this is a company or working with just like any job you would get they need your personal information in order to issue you checks it’s literally a requirement by almost any country in the world that they need your tax ID or your personal identifying number whatever it is in your country to actually work with you as an employee so you need to do that other things to join networks is if you want to join more advanced affiliate networks generally speaking you need more than one referral and you need experience and a track record doing affiliate marketing so that’s how you do it and again I have the best list of affiliate networks down below so sign up for every single one that is in the links in the description so you can get started okay joe I get it I get how to start but how do you actually do affiliate marketing I understand the concept I understand how to join affiliate networks but how do you actually do how do you get your links out there once you have a link how do you get it out to people great question now once you have a link it’s very easy to get it out there it’s as simple as copy and paste so we all know how to copy/paste we all know how to or if we’re on a mobile phone we just click it and hold down and click copy and by the way for those of you that are using your phones on portrait mode let me show you what portrait mode is for those of you watching my video like this please flip it like this okay make it fullscreen you want to get the full experience of these videos because I’m trying to teach business here and I see you over there you 13 year olds who are watching my videos like this and just check in through the comments if I got you type in I got you if you’re watching the video like this and you kind of scroll in through comments this is about focus if you can’t focus on a video you’re gonna need it to be an entrepreneur so flip it in landscape mode so that you can get the most bang out of it so let’s talk about how to get your links out there now a lot of people wonder about this but it’s actually very simple now if you have a social following you know or anything really you can post your link in Instagram you can post it on your profile you can post it in a direct message if you don’t have any subscribers you can just direct message people your affiliate link same thing with Facebook you can post your affiliate link in your profile or you could send direct messages to people who you think would be interested in buying the product let’s say you know somebody who has pain right this is a website this is an affiliate offer where it’s directed to people who have pain and it’s doing lead generation for a doctor as I said $10 you can advertise this you just find groups on Facebook of people who are in pain you know maybe there’s a group around chronic pain and you put a link to this you say hey this doctor is offering a free consultation to get out of pain here’s a link so you could put it in Facebook groups as well it’s another way to do affiliate marketing just take your link post it in the Facebook group another example is YouTube just like here check the links in the description bunch of affiliate links every single YouTube or almost every single youtuber I’d say 80% have affiliate links in their description check your favorite top ten youtubers and you’ll see affiliate links in the description so there’s a ton of ways I could go on with examples but you get the idea LinkedIn you post it DMS or whatever and all of these you can do ads and that’s how I do affiliate marketing and if you’re looking to learn deeper about how to do advertising with affiliate marketing check out my course called the super affiliate system once again there’s a link in the description my course is not cheap it’s $2,000 it’s a 6-week program but there’s accountability I have coaches there’s support we have homeworks we have a lot of stuff to help out our students but our success rates have been amazing if you look in our community you can actually see just check out some of the comments check out some of the people having success making their first Commission’s making the first $10 thousand dollars from affiliate marketing it’s really exciting and if you want to join and be one of my students love for you to join the club I’d love to help change your lives because that’s why I do this this channel started as just a way to communicate to people and let people know how easy it is to make money in this spot and what’s great is being able to connect with people and helping change so many people’s lives it’s not about the money it’s about what they’re able to do with their life because of that money they don’t have to commute to work every day they don’t have to leave their house they don’t have to leave their family every day to work or they’re able to travel the world whatever that is it’s great and this is what I teach I teach advertising and the reason I teach advertising is because once you get a profitable affiliate campaign instead of just growing your audience slowly like you do on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube where the money just slowly goes up this time with ads start slow then you ramp up whatever the market is and you can make a lot of money a lot faster okay joe I feel a little confident I understand what it is I realize it’s legitimate I know how to post links but how do I actually learn this I’m still feeling a little lack of confidence and a little nervous about doing this with zero guidance how do I go about learning I already told you how to learn affiliate marketing learning affiliate marketing is easy you can be a student of my course again it’s two thousand dollars and most people can’t afford that but if you just keep watching my youtube channel I have tons of videos I have hundreds of videos and what I suggest is watch as many videos as possible to start learning the terminology what’s working what’s not about affiliate marketing watch through my videos I have a bunch of videos on free traffic methods for doing affiliate marketing and I suggest you watch that to learn how to do affiliate marketing also have beginner videos for affiliate marketing so check that I’ll have my editors kind of link to those videos somewhere around my head and you can click on the little icon to watch more videos but make sure you subscribe to this channel like the video and also enable all notifications so that you’re aware of further videos that I do about affiliate marketing the next thing is also join the communities so I’ve created communities for you to interact with other people doing affiliate marketing there’s a discord chat channel where you can chat with people in real time we have a reddit sub forum or subreddit and I think it’s called where you can chat you know you can post comments and links and articles and whatever you want on the forum and we also have a Facebook group which you can join and be active in and learn about what’s going on so join the community learn from people who are where you want to be learn from people who are wealthier if you want to learn about money learn from people who have more money than you I’m a multi millionaire so you can learn from me you can join a community and ultimately the third part of education is actually being able to be teachable and have an open mind and be able to do things that you yourself may not necessarily be comfortable with that’s what hungry is you know I talk about my hungry wolves here what is a hungry wolf hungry wolf is willing to do things that they may not necessarily agree with and I’m here telling you if you’re only in your comfort zone if you’re only doing things if you’re only advertising products that you’re comfortable with if you’re only marketing in the ways that you feel comfortable with you’re probably not growing growth comes from moving beyond your comfort zone you grow when you are outside of your comfort zone and on my channel I’m gonna ask you to do things that you may not feel comfortable with especially in my free traffic methods I show you how to post ads for free how to post direct messages you know how to get clients for YouTube I show all sorts of methods but you probably won’t feel comfortable doing all of that if you know that I got you type it you got me in the comments below because my goal is to make you money my goal is to push you and to push you to learn you have to be teachable and being teachable is having an open mind not just an open mind but taking action on things you may not be comfortable doing if you allow me to guide you you can look me up you can verify that I’m a real person and I’ve made a lot of money doing this and you’ll see that’s the truth if you really want to be teachable if you really want to learn you’re gonna be willing to step outside your comfort zone it’s very important most people are not willing to do this so allow me to guide you take a little bit of a leap of faith and come along for the ride and you’ll learn a lot hey joe that’s cool I understand you have to learn and all this stuff but can you just tell me like the easiest fastest quickest way to just get started and make big money really fast you know a lot about affiliate marketing joe I just want the biggest money in the shortest amount of time like just sent me as fast as possible how do I do that man just tell me the best thing come on just the best thing that I should do the only thing you want fast big money bro you want it fast and you want it big first off if you want fast big money yes it’s possible in affiliate marketing and of a number of videos that show you how you can make fast big money and I’m gonna have my editors link to a video which goes over how to make quick money in one day online this has helped a lot of people get their start in affiliate marketing and make some big commissions really quickly and it’s something you can only do one time but it works and you could try that out for yourself it shows you how you can hit up your own social network can’t hit them up every day you want fast big money and consistency you’re not gonna find that unless you have skills to do online advertising and unless you really know what you’re doing and how to test and how to optimize and that’s what I teach in my course I teach paid advertising and affiliate marketing so when you learn paid advertising you can make a lot of money but again it’s a skill it’s something you have to learn and you can learn that check the links below in the description to learn how to do that whoo so there’s a question I didn’t answer please ask a question about affiliate marketing in the comments below I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of variations of what is the best affiliate program or what is the best affiliate network or what is the best ad network etc but one thing you have to understand is there is no best and what that is is that scarcity mindset there’s a lot of companies doing affiliate marketing there is no best it’s like asking is Nike better than you know Microsoft they’re both different companies selling different things you can’t compare apples to apples 80% of all companies in the world do affiliate marketing so you have a lot of programs to choose from there is no best is Facebook better than Google you know what they both have billions of people using them every month you’re not gonna go hungry if you’re able to work on one or the other so just get out there and do it I hope I’ve motivated you if you’re gonna get your start if you’re saying I’m all-in right if you are ready if you’ve been watching my videos and you’re finally ready to do affiliate marketing if you had your questions answered type in I add my questions answered or type in I’m all-in if you’re ready to start doing this join my community subscribe to this channel like this video and I look forward to seeing you in future videos and teaching you and helping you become successful once again check out all these amazing students that are making tons of money with my program really excited to share all these people with you have a good day and talk to you soon

Brendon Burchard: 10 Steps to Become a Millionaire ( Brendon Burchard Skills )
Brendon Burchard: 10 Steps to Become a Millionaire ( Brendon Burchard Skills )

The Millionaire message messenger for me began as my struggle to get my own message out into the world I’ve been through a dramatic car accident and I realized at the end of our lives we’re all gonna ask the same basic three questions we’re all going to ask did I live did I love and did I matter and I was just a kid who want to get that message out to the world in a bigger way but I had no idea how to do it because there’s no college degree on how to become a messenger there’s no course that you can take on how to get your message out there in a bigger way to serve other people as quote-unquote an advice guru or a lifestyle expert as an example there’s no way to learn how to become an author speaker coach seminar leader online marketer then that’s why I built my experts academy program if you haven’t heard about that’s afford a deep dive training on how to get your message out there in a big way through books and speeches and seminars and coaching and online information marketing and I took all of that information from experts Academy I broke it down into the millionaire messenger and what I like to do in this video is just give you some free content take one of the chapters out of this and give you some training on how do you build a real expert Empire these days what are the ten things you need to focus on so we’re gonna walk through the ten things that you’ve got to do to become a millionaire messenger to build a real business as an expert sharing your advice and how to information with other people again to inspire them or to instruct them on how to improve their lives or grow their businesses the first thing we’ve got to have you do is to claim your topic what are you going to be an expert in you know if you’re so many watches my videos often the times you know that you’ve got lots of different areas of expertise maybe you know about how to be a great parent or you know how to get a job or you know how to sell a house or you know how to do online marketing or you know how to help someone start a business in any different niche well you know lots of different things if you’re gonna build an expert Empire we need you to pick one topic and choose with that topic that you’re going to go deep with it and really master that topic that you’re going to get results in that area obviously that you can teach other people about how you got your results or you’re gonna go out and research and interview other experts who’s already gotten the results and you gonna break down what they teach you synthesize it into something you can teach others or you’re just gonna be a role model for others who are gonna follow your advice because you’re great person you’re always getting them great as an example lots of different ways to become an expert we teach that experts Academy and we teach that in The Millionaire messenger book but ultimate you got to claim your topic if you’re gonna get your message out there the second thing you’ve got to do is clearly pick your audience who do you want to serve you know maybe your topic let’s say is leadership you’ve learned a lot about being a great leader out there and now you want to go teach others to be great leaders well who do you want to teach do you want to teach youth about leadership do you want to teach to senior executives at corporate foundations how to do it do you want to teach the fortune 500 do you want to teach women do you want to teach men like who do you want to teach you that a really narrow and niche your audience because the truth is maybe your message can serve the whole world but you can’t mark it to the whole world and that’s why you need a niche a group that you can go and market towards and really in fact with your knowledge and information third you’ve got to discover your audience needs what are their primary frustrations what are their primary struggles and challenges that they’re trying to have a breakthrough in because your marketing message needs to be about helping them break their problems and have a breakthrough but you also need to create your products and programs that improve their lives see being an expert is all about is at least in the I advice expert world is all about you taking someone from point A and helping them to go to point B and in doing that you’ve got a level step them up to teach and train them along the way to be better and if you’re gonna do that you better know where they’re starting what are their challenges where they facing right now and help them get to where they want to go so you got to discover their needs both in their challenges and where they want to go in life or in their business fourth you have to define your story why are you credible in this area maybe you’re credible because again you’ve gotten the results in this area already now you’re just teaching and leaning back and saying hey let me help you holding a hand out lighting the torch carrying it for people because you’ve already done it or maybe your story is about you know you’ve just been through a struggle just like they have and you broke through you figured your way through and you’re a role model because you did it in that way or maybe your story is you went out and you interviewed every other expert and now you have the secrets but I will tell you this about the expert industry your story isn’t about you being one of those people who goes out there and it’s like bumping a bum you know you’re a big bragging personality says look at all I’ve accomplished in the chief follow me you know we don’t need that anymore this world is now run by authenticity and real transparency people want to know your real story they don’t just hear about your successes they want to hear about your struggles as well and your story has to be about you struggled through what they’ve struggled through and now you’re turning back to help them get ahead then you have to create your solution okay you know what their problems are if you’re gonna make money and you’re gonna really get your message out there you need a vehicle to do that your vehicle could be a book could be an audio program it could be a DVD home study course could be a workbook could be some templates could be some tools could be something that can download and use it could be a seminar it could be a online program whatever it is you’ve got to have something that solves their problem either a product or a program usually in the advice expert world and if you can become a millionaire messenger those vehicles become the ways in which you reach millions of people and you make millions of dollars next once you’ve done all that you got to put up a website no-brainer right but I can’t tell you how many people I know who have a horrible website or no website at all and they’re trying to position themselves as experts are trying to make a big difference but they have no place for their community to go to to learn more about them to get information to buy products and programs to be part of a community so you’ve got to put up a website that accomplishes all of those things for your particular brand in that particular topic area so for example if you go to Brandon Broussard calm you’ll see lots of stuff there that’s my website but I also have a website for all of my different topics because I’m an expert in high performance so I’ve got high performance Academy I’m an expert in helping entrepreneurs get partners so I’ve got partnership seminar I’m an expert now in The Millionaire messenger so there’s a Millionaire messenger website there’s a different website for each topic that I’ve branded myself as an expert in seventh you got to campaign your programs not promote your programs there’s a difference between promotions and campaigns and if you’ve hurt ready I mean I work before you’ve heard me talk about the campaign is just a strategic sequence of promotions that lead to a desired result by the consumer so a campaign you have to think about when you had a program that’s out you got to release several pieces of information that engaged your customer engage your audience into learning more liking more and wanting to buy more from you it’s a strategic sequence of things that you do before you ask for the sale the days in which you send out a video that says says buy my stuff is over right the days in which you send someone a coupon and say buy my stuff is over the day you send someone directly doing Amazon link it says buy my book that’s over you’ve got to add value first before you ask them to take any action that should make sense and that’s about in creating intelligent campaigns 8 you’ve got to go out there and you’ve got to get promotional partners right you’ve got to get partners who help you spread your message out there far and wide right because you can only do so much on your own you can only get your message out there so far if you don’t have somebody who is also supporting you and getting your message out we’re in trouble so you got to get affiliates or nonprofit partners or corporate sponsors people with other big lists other big names and gurus in your industry who can promote your message to their newsletter lists to their subscribers how do you get promotional partners you’ve got to go to conferences and seminars and meet the people in your industry and get to know them and create real relationships built on value and trust and rapport with them before they’re ever gonna spread your message out there 9th you’ve got to post free content what am I doing with this video this is a video I’m just posting some free content based on the content in The Millionaire messenger I post free content out there because it creates value for the audience they go hey this guy’s a good guy he gives good information he’s training for free I found his course and his program valuable now I’m more likely to join his community or follow him or implement his advice in my life or buy his stuff right at the end of the day you got a post free content and by posting free content this day and age that content becomes the stuff that generates traffic to your websites ok and then 9 and this is really the magic behind the millionaire messenger is that our tent like 10 I guess it is 10 is we’re gonna teach you you got to focus on doing three things in this business to have a very successful career as an expert as a an entrepreneurial expert who’s helping other people improve their lives or grow their businesses and that’s focusing on value distinction and service and those three things become the hallmark of you building a real brand and business in this value by you putting great information out there great products and programs great information they love you they get value from you they follow you and yes they buy from you distinction you being unique you being you not somebody else but you being you every single time being present fully alive and vibrant as yourself but also making sure your content is distinct and unique and new not rehashing other people’s training or programs not making your videos look like their videos or making your books or your training sound like theirs it’s yours it’s distinct and they go wow that’s so Brandon Orr that’s so you that they follow you and then finally service and there’s two ways of service in this industry there’s customer service right taking care of your customers if they buy something from you deliver it every single time but there’s also service in terms of doing good in the world you know I could have just called this you know make a million dollars I called it the millionaire messenger and when I thought about that word messenger I see that as a very positive thing it’s making a difference in people’s lives when you read my work or you follow my videos it’s never just about the money I always teach you how to make money so that you can sustain the message but ultimately it’s about a higher purpose and that service component to me is about making a difference in the world and I think you have the opportunity to take your wisdom your knowledge your experience and position it and package it in a way that you can serve other people and these 10 steps are really the beginning of your expert Empire these are the beginning of the things you’ve got to go out there and learn to do and master and get better at so that you can reach millions of people with your message and yes you can make millions of dollars in the process so I hope that’s a great overview for you of just one of the chapters out of the millionaire messenger and I hope that hurts you start to help you kind of think about you starting your own expert Empire to get your message out there to help other people and again our mission as messengers is to inspire and instruct other people to improve their lives or grow their businesses Music

🔴 10 HUGE Mistakes That Bloggers Make
🔴 10 HUGE Mistakes That Bloggers Make

Hey Miles here, In this video, you are learning the top 10 mistakes that bloggers make that are keeping them from achieving that $10 grand per month mark and beyond You know, my wife and I currently own and operate five separate blogs that are hyper profitable.

We’ve made millions of dollars online from this, and we’ve been blogging for over 10 years at this point. Not only that, but I’ve also helped thousands of students just like you to go launch blogs and many have gone on to create $10,000 per month or more.

So I’ve got all of these experiences from doing it over and over multiple times and helping other people do it. And these 10 things you’re about to learn are truly the problem, the biggest problems that people run into.

No, when you learn them, you’re gonna understand how to bypass them. So you can get on the fast track to success with your blog. Now, number one is focusing too much on the layout, the branding, the theme, and the design in the very beginning.

Now I will admit that at a certain point in time, right? The branding and how your kind of blog is visually represented does play a part. But in the early days, the number one and only important thing on your blog is the content itself.

It often takes six months to nine months, a very consistent blogging for you to really even gain trust in the eyes of Google. And until you get that trust with Google, you’re not getting any traffic. So no humans are seeing your content right.

Also your homepage. Isn’t where most of your content comes in. People are gonna find your long tail blog posts. For example, if you are a kitchen blogger or a cooking blog, and you’ve got a post on how to cut tomatoes and how to cut onions, when people search for those phrases, they’re going to find the blog post, not your homepage.

So it’s pretty much irrelevant what the blog looks like in the early days and all of your energy and attention need to go into creating lots of great pieces of content. Number two, people don’t do enough research.

For the content they’re creating. Now, it’s super important for you to do keyword research so you can choose a topic for each post that people are looking for. If you’re creating content, that’s focused on a specific phrase that other people are searching for a specific topic that other people are searching for the odds of your post getting found, go up drastically.

If you’re just writing haphazard ideas, haphazardly without researching what people are looking for first, the odds of you getting actual traffic is very slim. So the process of understanding what your audience is looking for and then crafting the content that answers their questions and helps them get solutions is key.

And keyword research is how we do that. I have probably 10 or more keyword research videos on this channel links in the description, search miles, Beckler, common keyword research. If you’re not doing this in your blogging, and that will open your eyes to this really, really powerful tactic.

Number three bloggers care more about themselves than their audience. Now the biggest mindset shift that successful bloggers make that unsuccessful bloggers don’t make is that we are here as content creators to help our audience, right? This video is not actually for me.

This video is for you to really actually truly help you understand these 10 things. There’s no pitches coming. I’m not going to try to get you on my there’s a webinar coming, nothing like that. Right.

That’s me thinking about me. And when I create content, that’s 100% focused on you. My brand grows. There’s a time and a place to have a call to action and content. And we’ll actually talk about that.

I didn’t want to viz, but ultimately the core of the content itself needs to really be focused. On the audience, which means no rubbish content. We can’t just brain dump first drafts and publish rubbish pieces.

We can’t go outsource extremely cheap content from foreign countries where English is their second language and publish that and expect that to work. Why have you ever searched on Google for an answer and you find a post and you click on it, you read it like, God, this is terrible.

It looks like it was written by a fourth grader in another country. The first thing you do is you hit the back button and if your content isn’t building trust with people, once they find it. What’s the point, right? Cause that’s ultimately the goal.

So it’s understanding that your goal is to help other people solve their problems, to help other people answer their questions and stay focused on them and everything else is going to work. And those bloggers who only focus on themselves, they’re just trying to constantly sell stuff.

They’re trying to put up as much rubbish content as fast as they possibly can. They never make it. Remember you are here to help your audience. That is the biggest thing. Uh, number four is being too broad at the beginning, trying to focus on.

Weight loss or trying to go into the make money online space. There are these big, broad topic ranges. There’s these big, broad niches or niches that people look at and wow, there’s so much money there.

I should go after it. But as a new blogger, as someone getting started, it’s better to start in a very small, specific sub segment and be of service to one super specific audience. With the ability to branch out later.

So let’s say under the weight loss space, maybe you help new mothers lose weight through KIDO. And that’s your specific area that by Venn diagram, those three things, that’s where you start. But if your blog name is keto, weight, loss.

net, then you could expand into other audiences. You could expand into other customer avatars and even into other diets. But when you go all in on that one range, maybe it’s. Intermittent, fasting and keto for whatever.

The one focus point you go in at first is you’re going to be able to build relevance around that topic in the eyes of Google and the faster you build relevance around a specific area of content, the faster you’re going to get traffic.

So don’t be all over the place trying to be the one and only the best ever weight loss blog that talks about all the different weight loss options get really specific. And again, back to the last one, show up for your audience.

Those mums who are trying to lose that weight after having their kid and they’re locked in their houses because the world we live in today, how are you helping that specific audience member? Once you’ve created all the content for them, and you’ve really laid out that plan for them, you absolutely can branch out to that next audience member, but go all in, stay focused, stay niche first.

Another way to think about that. This is the idea of the long tail keyword phrases, which I talk a lot about in my, in my keyword research videos you want to be going after phrases that are four or five, six, and seven words, right? How to lose weight for new moms.

That’s a seven word phrase versus. Weight loss or how to lose weight or weight loss supplement. See those short tail phrases that two, three, one, two, three word phrases. They’re extremely difficult.

At some point you will grow to where you can compete at that level, but in the early days, if you want to see traffic be going after the long tail, which means you’re focusing in on a very, very, very specific.

Audience. Okay. Number five, not building an email list. And I gotta throw a caveat here having a little opt in box that says join my newsletter is not building your email list. You need to have a very specific call to action.

I just released a video on my channel here recently. And it’s all about how to craft a lead magnet that is going to explode the growth of your audience and explode the growth of your list fast. And you have to have this set up needs to be displayed via either a popup embedded at the top of your posts.

You can use in text links that take them to your landing page, but you need to craft and. Offer a call to action. That’s really going to help them kickstart whatever the path they’re on. So again, back to the last example where we’re talking about, mum’s trying to lose weight.

If you have a seven day weight loss challenge, that’s complete with a shopping list, do you think that would be an enticing thing for that mom? To opt in for if she found you how to lose weight, intermittent fasting for new moms, right? Yes.

It would obviously is that more compelling than join my newsletter? Absolutely. And ultimately the email list is the number one asset within your business. So when you’re building your blog, you got to think of it more like a platform than a blog.

Right. It’s not just a place to hang content. It’s actually your home online that allows you to attract people in and you get the most interested people to raise their hands. They join your list, and those are the people you could show your affiliate offers to your personal offers, too.

You can offer coaching and get them on your webinar, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So building an email list is key, um, and doing so with a very specific call to action. That’s super valuable and enticing for your people.

Number six, underestimating the importance of a great title. For many people, they’re going to come up with their keyword. They’re going to write out their content. They’ll go re edit their content. They’ll make a really good post.

And then like, Oh my gosh, I got to put a title on this thing and they just come up with something. The title is the biggest piece of real estate that you get in Google when your blog is displayed as a search result.

Okay. And when that title is not compelling, when that title doesn’t really scream out to the user on Google, who just searched for their phrase, they search for an answer to their problem and they see your title.

And that title is just kind of ma it just doesn’t really click. You’re not making a promise. You’re not making a bold claim. You don’t stand out from the other 14 to 16 items on that first page of Google.

They’re all competing for the attention of that individual. You aren’t going to get the click and when you don’t get it, Clicks and Google sees that your click through rate is tiny and all of the people around you have a big click through rate.

Google removes you from the first page and puts you somewhere on page 19. And that’s the best place to hide a dead body is on page 19 of Google. Cause no one ever goes back there. In fact, page three of Google you’re in nowhere land at that point in time.

And that click through rate is everything to maintain high rankings. And how do you get high click through rates? Titles. So I often end up writing five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 titles. I will always search my keyword phrase and I’m looking at what ranks on Google already.

What titles are already working on Google. And I improve upon everything that I’m seeing and I’ll write, write, write often, like I said, 10, 15 of them, and then I’ll put up the best one that I think is the most compelling that that kind of fits in and improves upon.

What’s already showing there. And my click through rates have been going up up, up since I’ve habituated. That which means more traffic on my site, more first page rankings. And that’s what you want to see as a blogger.

Number seven bloggers quit too soon. Now I have a video that is a affiliate marketing in 2020. It’s the whole kitten caboodle. It’s the 17 steps to building an affiliate marketing business online. And there’s an idea in there that I shared that’s I call it the, the chasm of despair, the pit of despair, and ultimately after about month two, so months, one and two, you’re all excited.

I’m starting a new blog. Yeah. This is going to be fun. You’re going through the motions middle of month, one month, two. You’re like, man, this is. A lot of work. I’m putting out all this content. Like, man, my family members are telling me to get a job.

Like nobody understands me and you start doubt creeps in. Right. And you start to wonder like, is this really actually going to work? Um, it can often take six months to nine months, a very, very, very consistent blogging to start to see the results.

Google doesn’t trust you. People don’t trust you. You’re still learning the art of publishing and keyword researching. There’s a lot of little, a fine muscle, fine motor skills type things. Um, that’s an analogy, obviously that you’re learning in the process.

So on my most recent affiliate case study site, it took about nine months to get into momentum. Took about six months, a very, very consistent publishing to start to see the traffic start to lift off on all of the graphs and people quit at month four, write the blog blog blog for four months.

They’re building it. Thorny, they’re getting picked up by Google it’s working. They just don’t realize it’s a six to nine month plan before you really start to see the process. I mean, if you think of the gestation of a human being in a mother’s womb, right? It’s just a process.

It’s a nine month process. We don’t rush it. We don’t. We just trust that that is the process, right. And there is a kind of gestation process with your blog, if you would like to think of it that way.

Um, once you start to get momentum and get traffic, it compounds on each other. So once we got traffic at month nine, it took off like a rocket, but it was that perpetual showing up day in, day out, week in, week out, publishing three groups.

Posts per week, every week for nine months, that’s what kicked us into the traffic range. And a month, four or five people were like, this stuff doesn’t work. It’s like, no, you just, haven’t stuck with it long enough.

And they quit. And that is just the number one thing I see over and over and over. So you gotta be ready for that. And you gotta push through and break that number eight, missing the boat with S E O. What do I mean by this? I have a great training.

If you just search, learn SEO here on YouTube, you’ll find the training. It’s a deep dive. They’re either under optimizing, which means they’re ignoring SEO completely, or they’re over optimizing. They think that SEO is the magic thing.

So the writing for the Google algorithm instead of writing for the human. And I got to remind you about number three, which is care more about your audience. Okay. So when you are writing on a blog, when you’re publishing to a blog, you do have two audiences.

Audience. Number one is Google. Google is indexing your website. Google is trying to figure out what your content is about and how good is that content audience. Number two is the human being who will search and find that and read that.

You always have to focus on writing for the human first, but you need to know how to get the right pieces in the right places, which is search engine optimization or S E O. So definitely watch my SEO video.

The link will be down in the description. The super basics of it are to use your headings, your H ones, your use bulleted lists and allow yourself to really take your main idea and then support it. With the three sub ideas and let Google trigger you for what those sub ideas are.

I have a video that’s called how to write SEO content fast, and it shows you how to use Google to get Google, to tell you these are the five things that you need to have inside of your post about this topic in order for it to be relevant.

And when you just follow that little structure that I teach in those two videos, boom, you have everything that you need and don’t go too deep into the SEO realm. It’s always changing. There are some core fundamental truths that have.

Worked since 2010 and before it’s exactly what we’re still doing today. The world for a simple approach to SEO for most bloggers is something you can learn in an afternoon. You can learn my processes cause I teach them here for free.

And then from there you never have to study it again. You just go do that over and over and over and you’re fundamentally sound and it will work no matter what the updates come in the future. Number nine, uh, not owning the racetrack or not owning the platform, uh, today, especially it is easier than ever to go microblog to go blog in a Facebook group or to microblog on Instagram.

Or maybe even to go write on medium or any one of these other platforms that offer you a fleet free location. Uh, the problem with this is these platforms are always changing. And at some point they’re going to value user generated content less, and they’re going to give you less and less reach.

They’re gonna give you less and less exposure for every piece of content that you published. It. We’ve seen it time and time again with different platforms that I’ve marketed on over the last year. The 17 plus years, I started making money online in 2003 on MySpace.

That site ain’t even around anymore for a perfect example of what I’m talking about. When you build, you have to build it on a WordPress blog that you host yourself needs to be a self hosted WordPress blog, which is wordpress.

com. Org. Now I have a free tutorial on my website. If you go to miles, up on the top navigation, there’s a link that says start a blog, or how to start your blog and click on that. And it’s step by step tutorial.

If you haven’t started your blog that you own, that you pay for hosting, that is the absolute key because when you’re building on your platform, No one can turn you off. It’s yours. You own it. You can do what you want with it.

You can add your popups to it. You can add your email list, grow things we talked about earlier. I just, I compel you like this is the most important thing. And when I see people pouring their heart and souls, and I’ve had some friends doing this into medium, for example, and then all of a sudden medium tries to put everything behind a paywall.

They don’t ask you for whether you think it’s a good idea or not. And those guys readership went to zero overnight because no one was actually willing to pay medium to read those posts. So these kinds of things happen.

All the time. And the only safety you have in this world is really owning that content really owning your platform and a self hosted WordPress blog is that, uh, the link to that blog post will obviously be in the description as well.

And then number 10, consuming more than you create. Now, I thank you for watching this entire video. I appreciate you. And I don’t know how many of my videos of that you’ve watched, but I do appreciate your attention.

I appreciate the subscribes and the likes. Engagement in the comments below, but the key to success with building a business online is to publish more content than you’re consuming. So I literally consume next to no content.

I don’t want you to videos as someone who’s published 608 or 610 videos here on YouTube. Right? I rarely watch a video, maybe max one every two weeks. And that surprises people. I don’t read many blog posts.

I do listen to audio books. I think there’s some great ideas and audio books. And I listen while I do other things in this world, but my work day to day when I’m here at my laptop, which I’m on right now and I’m, I’m working.

Okay. Is either writing an email, sending that out to my list, crafting something on my blog, improving something old on my blog, or crafting a YouTube comment here. And then I do a little bit of work distributing that content to get it out to the world.

And most beginners are spending time watching webinars and they think there’s a secret out there that this blogger who’s doing their income reports. And, Oh my gosh, they’re making $200,000 per month.

Well, clearly I need to buy their courses to learn how to do it their way. You don’t, you need to do the work. And the work is what we’ve talked about here. Doing the research, committing to an audience, figuring out what they need, figuring out what the problems are, figuring out what they’re searching for and go create the absolute best content, and then learn just enough of the SEO and the keyword research and the title research to be dangerous, to make sure that Google is able to pick up.

The relevance of your posts to that main topic, and then you do it again and then you do it again. And my wife’s blog that gets it’s reached 40 million plus people. It gets millions and millions, almost 10 million visitors per year.

That blog reaches all of those people. Cause she’s put out over a thousand. Well written blog posts all designed with the user in mind to give the best experience for that user. My personal website is reaching hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people per year.

Why? Because I put 350 plus posts on that blogs on that blog in the last few years, really cranking out the content. This YouTube channel works the exact same way, 610 videos in under four years. That’s why I have 140,000 subscribers.

That’s why I have a business. And all of that activity takes so much time and energy to publish, publish, publish. So I implore you right. Unsubscribed from anyone who keeps sending you webinars. If you find yourself looking at other people’s income claims, you gotta stop.

You gotta break the habit of looking at what other people do, because they’re going to plant a seed of doubt in your mind. They’re going to make you think that your path you’re on won’t work and you need to buy their course to get on their path.

And in that moment they’ve won and they’re about to extract money from your credit card versus you tuning them out, putting the blinders on, going all in on your audience, doing the work, learning all of these little supporting muscles, and then life gets really fun.

And I put out a couple of blog posts a week. I put out a video a week. I sent out a few emails a week and that’s it. And I make a damn good income doing this. I make more in a year now than both of my parents combined made in a decade or more.

And I love it because it’s all based on helping you. And that’s what I’m here to do. If you’ve enjoyed this, definitely subscribe, hit the bell, do what you do to get the notifications. I appreciate you.

I got more great videos coming out for you. The key is to go do the work. I hope this has been helpful. Any questions get at me in the comments below and until we meet again be well, my friend.

Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Niche
Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Niche

So, you’ve decided to open an e-commerce website, and got stuck on the stage of choosing a niche. What mistakes should you avoid at the beginning? Hi there! My name is Olesya, I work at AliDropship Company which created the ultimate dropshipping solution for WordPress, and my goal for this video is to help you with choosing the best niche for your store! Here are the 5 most common mistakes people make while starting an AliExpress dropshipping business.

I really don’t want you or anybody to make these mistakes. So, what’s the first one? The saddest drop shipping mistake that can be made at this point is going for a VERY broad niche. Let’s take ‘Clothes’, for example.

If ‘Clothes’ is the niche AND the main keyword, the store owner is definitely going to have a bad time. No doubt, you will find thousands of matching items on AliExpress, and will upload them on the website.

Then what? What to do next? From the point of view of SEO optimization, the ‘Clothes’ niche is hopeless. An extremely competitive niche, vague keyword – none of this is good for an online store.

Even carefully targeted Instagram ads won’t help much. The niche “Organic clothing” is somewhat better. The “organic baby clothes” is the best. Be more specific! Sometimes, people seem to be ready to sell literally anything that is considered to be gainful.

If they know nothing about their niche apart from its good financial potential, they struggle with picking the right products, identifying their target audience, and communicating with the customers. One of our most successful clients is Mousslim from France.

Check out his stunning story on our blog to get inspired! This is what he shared with us: “when a fan of your niche reaches out to your Instagram and sees your content, he directly knows or feels if you know your niche.

” In other words, if you operate in a niche you’re not quite passionate about, it’s challenging for you to catch the interest of like-minded customers, and form a loyal community around your store.

This might not be so important for the experienced entrepreneurs but if you create your first store ever, it’s really important to have a connection to what you do. Otherwise, promoting something you don’t really like might be really hard.

So, please, consider the niche which is not completely unfamiliar to you and pay attention to your interests! Imagine – you spend some time and effort in building a suitable store, invested money in paid ads – Imagine – you spend some time and effort in building a suitable store, invested money in paid ads – and then found out that there are not enough high-quality AliExpress items to add to your store.

You can promote and sell a single product. However, in our experience, to have a successful dropshipping business, you need to publish at least 20 products in your store. But that’s still not enough – you’ll need to add some more products to broaden your product offer from time to time.

If there are no related items on AliExpress it’s harder to make upsells and cross sells and get people to purchase more from your store. They also can’t be your repeat customers if you don’t have any new product arrivals when they check your store the second and third time.

So be sure to consider this even if the niche idea you’ve got looks perfect at first sight! Let’s suppose you’ve chosen a niche based on your interest which seems to be trendy at the same time. You create a store and make beautiful designs and then discover that this store idea is already widely used by high-profile market players that attract all the existing customers.

Or, you’ve successfully processed a number of sales but noticed that the final revenue is too tiny to be worth the effort. To prevent all this, you need to do your own research, and examine the niche that seems to be a good fit for you.

What kind of research do I mean and how can you do it? Сheck this article on our blog to learn our proven method. There is another way to do the same task – try our free dropshipping niche tool for this purpose – I will leave a link in the description below.

All you need to do is answer 11 niche-related questions: the system will calculate the niche potential, rate it on a scale from 1 to 5, and give you basic recommendations on the most preferred marketing activities for this specific niche.

One possible strategy for choosing a niche for your drop shipping store is focusing on super trendy items. They quickly become hot and discussed – and quickly come out of fashion (spinners are a good example of such a product type).

As soon as it gets forgotten, you will need to rapidly switch to another super hot category. Traditionally, a less risky approach is to choose a niche with a more or less stable demand and slightly update the product range over the course of time.

For example, spinners were hot at one time but a store selling spinners is done in few months. A store selling fidgets for children or grownups is much better. The owner of such a store can add spinners to the product range.

Then, after they come out of fashion, the store is still safe and sound. Whatever strategy you choose, your niche should give you the opportunity to adapt to market changes. A niche that makes you stick to a unchanging customer segment or unalterable product line is not a good choice for a long-lasting business.

Please never fall for any of the common ecommerce mistakes. Stay aware, be alert, and invest your time in selecting the best possible niche for your store – the financial outcome will be totally worth it! One more thing I’d like to add – if you are new to dropshipping and know nothing about AliDropship Plugin, check this video! This is dropshipping tool for WordPress sites that can help you to start dropshipping with minimal investments! You can also download our free dropshipping guide to get step-by-step instructions on how to start – check the link below in the description.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and subscribe to our channel! Bye!

How to outline content for amazon affiliate niche sites – FAQ Method
How to outline content for amazon affiliate niche sites – FAQ Method

In this video I’m going to tell you how to write content when you don’t know anything about the topic using the FAQ Method. my name is Doug cunnington the founder of Niche site project. I talk about Amazon affiliate sites, productivity, and project management take a look around and if you like my videos please subscribe.

All right confession time… I’m a nerd. And in high school and college I was pretty good at math and like a lot of people I kind of suck at writing I’m not good at words. Not all math nerds are bad at english, but quite a few are.

In fact I struggled with this for years and, well, I still do. Look it’s not easy to write content that’s interesting and it’s not easy when you’re just getting started with your first blog or your first Niche site.

In fact, it’s stressful. A little scary and if you’re like me you probably have stared at blank document, a blinking cursor, and you don’t know what to write. Let me know in the comments if you’ve been in that same situation.

Back in 2013, I launched my first niche site. It was an AdSense site and I thought I found a great keyword. as an aside it actually wasn’t a good keyword it was a terrible keyword but I didn’t know it until later.

So I tried to write but I didn’t know what to write at all. so I struggled and I sat at my computer and wasted time, I wasted a lot of time. Eventually I got some contents down I broke the post but it didn’t do well and I know that it was pretty bad.

Thinking back to writing essays in high school I basically followed the old standard 5 paragraph Style essay. in other words it was super boring. fast forward a couple months I started my first Amazon affiliate site.

that’s I did pretty good within 6 months and made about $10,000. Which absolutely blew my mind. This is exactly how I created the content for my first Amazon Affiliate Niche site that did so well. it worked out great and I didn’t know anything about the product or the niche.

Before I share the steps, if you want to see a live demo of the FAQ method, check out the link in the description. There’s no better way to see it than watching over my shoulder. Here’s how I deal with writing about something that I don’t know anything about using the FAQ Method.

And I’ll give a bonus tip at the end…like FAQ 2.0. Write out questions that you have about the niche, product line, or topic in general. If you don’t know anything about it, then it’s really easy to ask questions.

The questions serve as an outline for you and help you keep from getting overwhelmed. If you need help getting ideas, you can check on what other people ask about. Check out forums on the topic. Forums are filled with questions and usually have “sticky posts” with general questions.

Example: Home Brew Talk’s Beginners Beer Brewing Forum Read user’s manuals for the products. Most manuals are free to download and have a FAQ or troubleshooting section. Skim Books on the Topic. It’s good to get away from the laptop sometimes, so head out to your local bookstore or library.

There are books on everything, and you can get some great ideas from the smart people that wrote books. If you can’t get out, here’s a great hack: Go do (publishers of the “Dummies” guides) and see what they have to say.

Here is the Homebrewing Beer page. Go look up the answers to the questions. The questions are usually great long tail keywords so you should format the questions as subheadings in your post. That’s H2 or H3 in html.

You can always add more Q&A to the post and add more. You can give the Q&A Outline to a writer to go research and answer the questions. If you found this helpful, be sure to like! If you like what I’m doing, check out some other videos and subscribe! Here is the bonus idea: Continuous Improvement A lot of people are perfectionists.

They might hold off publishing content because they don’t think it’s good enough yet. They might be scared of making grammatical errors and being called out on it. (People call me out all the time because I make mistakes often, like most people.

) Here’s the thing perfectionists don’t realize (not yet anyway): You can improve your content over time. That means you can (and should), for example, develop an outline for a post using the FAQ method with just five questions.

Answer those five questions and publish it. Then, add five more questions and their answers in two weeks. Then, add five more questions and their answers in another two weeks. Or one week. Whatever works for you.

There’s no rule that says you have to publish it all at once. And looking at your content as a work in progress is freeing — less stressful. That’s exactly why Five Figure Niche Site students launch their sites with 10 pieces of content, not 100 pieces of content like other courses teach.

Don’t forget you can download my templates, the same ones I used at Question of the day: How do you deal with topics you don’t know? Tell me in the comments below. Remember to check out the comments! Some of the best ideas come from YOU the Niche Site Project community.

If you found this helpful, be sure to like! If you like what I’m doing, check out some other videos and subscribe!