This unusual niche helps the right people find me

“What is with the Rachels niche?” “Do you seriously only coach Rachels?” “Only women called Rachel?” Hi. I’m Anthony English and I get a lot of questions about my tagline on LinkedIn and now on YouTube, where I call myself a Rachel helper.

I am a business coach. I’m in Sydney Australia and yes I help Rachels…Rachels in business: professional women running their own business. And now are they all called Rachel? Well, no. Then what…how on earth did I pick a niche called “Rachel”? Because it’s not like an industry.

It’s not like doing websites for dentists or helping, doing accounting for I don’t know for manufacturers or something. Like it’s a really, it’s a very unusual niche, so here’s the story. I was coaching men and women and I was getting.

..well my clients—the women—were getting very good results. The business coaching really around their marketing, around their sales, around confidence, around selling, knowing what to price. Really finding those roadblocks and pushing away those roadblocks.

Snd my approach is definitely not a…well, I wouldn’t call it a sledgehammer approach. I don’t tell them “Just do it!” or “Believe in yourself!” or “Step out of your comfort zone!” I don’t use that sort of approach.

Now, at one point I was looking through the prospects that I had been looking at working with, and I saw a few names that kept coming up. And one name was Sarah and another name was Rachel. Now, I already had a client called Sarah at the time so I thought, “I’m not going to pick Sarah because you know she might feel like I’ve singled her out.

” And so what it was I wrote this post on LinkedIn and it just went like this. It took me maybe three minutes to dream up the idea and to write it. It went like this. “Let’s play tag Rachel!” And I said “look, I know some amazing women called Rachel.

I know some amazing women not called Rachel as well, but let’s just focus on the Rachels.” And I said “I don’t know what it is maybe about this name, but tell me do you know anyone called Rachel? If you do tag her on this post, you know link to her and tell us why she’s amazing.

” Now that post, well it didn’t go viral. I think it had like 12,000 views eventually. It didn’t get that many likes. But it got a lot of comments in the comments, with people saying “yeah! My sister is called Rachel” Or some people themselves are called Rachel.

“Hi, I’m a Rachel. My name is Rachel” or “my grandmother was Rachel” or “I worked with a Rachel” or even “my competitor is Rachel. She’s an amazing copywriter!” And so it was really wonderful just to see.

In fact, we had over 80 Rachels, I think were showcased. In some way people promoted them, which was just beautiful and the message was it was not about the name Rachel, you know. Some people said “well, maybe next week you can do a different name, you know “I help Roberts” or tag Sarah or tag Michelle or something like that.

And I said “no no! That’s not the point!” The point I wanted to try to make is that whether your name is Rachel or Sarah or Anthony (like my name is) or Peter or something else or Chana, whatever your name is, you’re not alone.

You are not alone in your business. And look! You thought that it was just you against the world. You marketing to the entire world like they’re all enemies waiting to shoot you down, waiting to criticize your video or waiting to knock down your post.

It’s not like that at all. Look how many people there are there to cheer you on! even your clients! You go and ask them for testimonials, the happy clients. They’ll be grateful! Maybe they won’t write the testimonial but they’ll be thankful that you’ve asked them because if you go above and beyond in your service, if you really deliver and over-deliver, then they’re going to want to thank you.

Not just thank you by paying you. Not just thank you by telling you “thank you!”, but by writing a testimonial for you. That’s how I’ve got so many wonderful testimonials on my website. You can check that out check out the link.

They’re not made up. They’re real people you can link to them or you can look them all up and they’re just wonderful testimonials. That’s a testimonial to me but it’s to them. It’s really that people are on your side.

That’s my message. And so, once you get through that, that really helps us so much with my business coaching because I’m trying to find out where the roadblock is, where we because we all have our own roadblocks.

And I don’t believe everything is mindset or you know although I don’t believe in all of that but I say that you are helping people you are serving people and people want want you to do well it’s in your clients interest for you to do well in your business ok they don’t want you to go out of business they don’t want you to rip them off of course and you’re not going to do that but they’re not they don’t want you to go out of business well who are they going to go to they want you to do well you’re good clients and so that’s my message so what happened then after I tagged they played this tag Rachel game then like a friend of mine well we were discussing and he suggested what did you change or I suggested changing my headline to I helped Rachel’s and then just recently somebody one of my clients called me Rachel help so I’ve changed it to Rachel helper now the response has been really wonderful it’s not for everybody I understand that and some people find it a bit alienating and I totally understand that but I do get women contact me and they say Anthony I’m a Rachel and you know what the name isn’t Rachel that they say I’m a Rachel which is just beautiful they recognize themselves well they can think of somebody so if I say I help women yeah well I mean there are already women who coach only women well I’m a man who coaches women and you know what’s so special about me what’s so special about the women look I I don’t say it’s anything special I’m just saying that’s what I do I just I get better results with women than I then I have with men that’s that’s what it appears to me why I don’t know pretty fascinating I’m sure there’s some psychology behind it or what well why I do but anyway it seems to happen but so I also the thing here is that women approached me and they say Anthony I’m a Rachel and it also as soon as I went from my help women till I helped Rachel’s then people could start to think of somebody they could think of a real person because in copywriting especially it’s really powerful to use specifics you know I saw it try to avoid that little general generic language of I will save you time and money or I help business owners or I help you know that really broad thing that doesn’t really make you think of anybody you know so that’s it that’s the story behind I helped Rachel’s if you’re interested then yeah certainly subscribe to my channel my youtube channel and and check out my website check out my LinkedIn profile I’ll include links to them all in the in the description for this video and thank you so much for watching

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